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Fem Elixir Vaginal Moisturising Silk - (Net Quantity: 100 ml)

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  • Net Quantity: 100 ml
  • Manufactured and Packed By: Indus Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Address: 79, Industrial Area, Shoghi, Shimla - 171219, HP, India
  • Grievance Officer: Cust Rel Officer
  • Customer Care No.: +91-9717123456
  • Email:
  • Natural Vaginal Moisturizer created by Woman Doctor and used by females nationwide.
  • Aloe vera and Botanical Oils based Soothing Vaginal moisturizer.
  • Balanced pH moisture, eliminating dryness & itching.
  • No Paraben, No Estrogen, and No Glycerin. Gentle & safe.
  • Betterment of Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Lavender Oil, and others.
  • Doctor Recommended.

Fem Elixir Intimate Moisturizing Lubricant is a light, non-greasy lotion, specially formulated for women’s body provides long-lasting relief from uncomfortable vaginal dryness. Replenishing vaginal moisture for gentle & safe care. The goodness of Purified water, Aloe vera leaf juice, Wheatgerm Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Lavender Oil. It is a vaginal moisturizing gel free of estrogen, paraben and glycerin. The doctor recommended vaginal moisturizer for skin with gentle soothing & firming qualities.

Indus Valley Fem Elixir Intimate Feminine Moisturizer is a non-sticky, non-itchy female vaginal moisturizer providing them a clean & safe vaginal skin. Use this amazing product to instantly relieve uncomfortable dryness and also can be used on daily basis to help & prevent vaginal irritations. It is Long-lasting impactful moisturizing cream. Filled with the goodness of nature thus give natural impacts to the skin for smooth & clean vaginal experience.

Thіѕ аwеѕоmе product is Fast-acting formula that is аррlіеd іn аdvаnсе оf іntіmасу. This Vaginal Moisturizer helps to rejuvenate human vagina in the following way benefit thicken vaginal walls or the layer by regenerating new skin cells for soft & clean vaginal skin.

Moisturization with purified water

Fem Elixir is an active moisturizer to rejuvenate dry skin and relieve the irritation providing adequate vaginal moisture. Fem Elixir is the best vaginal moisturizer to buy for soothing & gentle care and nourishment of Female private part skin.

Richness of Botanical Oils

Concentrated with a unique blend of oils including Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Wheaterm Oil, Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, and Jojoba Oil. The oils have great benefits to the skin making skin smooth & radiant. Help provides clean & fresh skin looks with adequate moisturizing effects.

Replenishing Vaginal Moisturizer

Cleanses inmate parts, prevents itching & discomfort, eliminates foul smell. It leaves vaginal tissue hydrated & replenish. It keeps the intimate part clean and well nourishes avoiding the skin dryness and equally contributes to maintaining hygiene.

No more itch and dryness

Skin moisturization for soothing the vaginal skin. Non sticky, non-staining moisturizer that lightens the skin naturally and diminishes the spots, marks and dullness. Gently soothes the itching & irritations providing well-moisturized skin.

Reduce Bacterial Growth and promotes gentle hygiene

Bacteria of sweat around the vaginas may cause urinary infections as well. Aѕ bacteria buіldѕ uр іn аnd аrоund thе vаgіnа, you can suffer from urіnаrу tract іnfесtіоnѕ, аbundаnсе of yeast, or other рrоblеmѕ. Our fеmіnіnе mоіѕturіzеr enhances рrоbіоtісѕ to help reduce hаrmful bасtеrіаl grоwth.

Clean, Non-Staining & Non-Sticky

Lightweight non-greasy impactful vaginal moisturizer provides a great experience. It relieves irritating vaginal dryness and meanwhile maintains the hygiene, as well as internal moisture and protection for sensitive tissue.

How to use:

After a fresh Shower bath, put a pea amount of Fem ELIXIR on your hand and apply gently on your external vaginal area. For extreme dry condition use 3-4 times a day after cleaning the vaginal area with a wet soft cloth.

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  • Q:Can this cream be applued inside the vaginal opening?
    A:you can't use inside. It is external use only.
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