Bio Organic Activated Charcoal Powder for Skin & Face Mask

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Bio Organic Activated Charcoal Powder

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  • Our Activated Charcoal Powder for skin removes extra oil and dirt from skin
  • Indus Valley Activated Charcoal Powder goes through Triple sifting process.
  • Activated Charcoal Powder is free from any sort of chemicals or preservatives.
  • Indus valley Activated Charcoal Powder is 100% pure in nature
  • Whitens the dark underarms and make them look fresh and clean.

Indus Valley activated charcoal powder is a 100% pure charcoal powder and is free from chemicals. It is made of activated carbon by heating up carbon in a way that it develpos pores in between for capturing the chemicals . It is made by heating coconut shells or saw dust. An activated charcoal face mask made out of our charcoal powder removes the dirt extra oil and oiliness from your face. Activated charcoal is considered to be an excellent beauty ingredient. Indus Valley Charcoal powder works great for your skin.
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