Raksha Bandhan is a festival of happiness and love. This festival is celebrated worldwide in Hindu religion especially in India. On this auspicious festival sisters tie a bond of love on the hands of their brothers and brothers in return gift them with blessings and a promise to protect them from evil deeds. Some people gift their sisters with money and some with clothes and many more gifts. But sometimes it becomes hard for the brothers to search for the gift which they should give to their sisters as a memory. So to solve this problem Indus valley has come out with an ultimate solution. It is providing a combo pack of 5 items at an affordable rate. It is a special pack designed for this occasion only. This gift hamper is the best rakhi gift consisting of 5 beauty products namely Aloe Vera gel, Tulsi leaf powder, Grow out hair oil, Hair spa mask, Sandalwood face pack. All these products are not only natural but also they are certified as well. It is not only a gift; it is a way to show your love and care towards your sister. All this is available at a discounted price. Let’s discuss one by one what the various advantages of these products are.

  • Aloe Vera Gel: It is one of the unique products that come under the Indus valley brand name. Aloe Vera gel is a pure and natural gel made up of natural ingredients. This gel is absolutely organic and lightweight in nature. You will be amazed to know that this gel penetrates into the deepest layer of the skin. This will give your face and skin a refreshing glow internally. It is the best Aloe Vera gel which is specially designed to give a rejuvenating impact to your skin. It contains natural constituents like Vitamin E, Vitamin C as well as honey. It aids in curing acne and scars and also brings a cooling effect to burns, sunburns, etc.  Apart from the above benefits it will help in fighting aging process and prevent wrinkles. This product is certified by the various authorizes as a natural and organic product. This gel will give a shining as well glowing skin to your sister.

Aloe Vera Gel

Ingredients in Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera, Rose water, Wheat germ, Honey and ascorbic acid.

How to use: Take a dab of this gel from the pack and apply it on your face as well neck and it is recommended to use it regularly to get the best results.

  • Sandal wood Face pack: Sandal wood face pack is another such product which is purely natural and organic. It is 100% pure product. This will clearly depict your care towards your sister as it gives nourishment to skin as well as face. It enhances the complexion as well as improves your skin internally. The natural ingredients it contains are Multani mitti, sandalwood powder, calamine as well as almond powder. This pack contains no added chemicals and basically does not have any side effect. In order to get extra benefits you can mix it with rose water. Sandal wood has many properties like skin cleansing, soothing as well as nourishment properties. Basically a refreshing aroma is created around you who will attract others. Indus valley face pack is the best sandal wood face pack powder which one can get to get a shining and glowing skin.

Sandal wood Face pack

Ingredients it contains:  Multani mitti and the pack contains 200g.

How to use it: Mix some rose water with 1 spoon of sandalwood face pack and make a paste.

Apply it smoothly and evenly on your face and neck. Leave it there for some time. Now wash your face thoroughly with fresh water and pat dry your skin and feel the difference.

  • Grow out Hair oil: Grow out hair oil is another important product which can be used by a person to get long hairs. It is a natural product and is 100% organic i.e. it is made up of natural ingredients. It is clinically tested and experimented by the experts in the field of beauty and fashion. If you will gift this product to your loving sister then it will show your gratitude towards her and she will remember it forever. Grow out hair oil is certified by Ecocert and USDA and is highly recommended by the dermatologists. It is suitable for all types of scalp conditions. Doctors prefer it and recommend it to a person suffering from hair loss. One can use this product in order to maintain long hairs. It is free from harmful chemicals like hexane and bisphenol. It is one of the best products to have hair restoration results in India. Thus it is a unique protect to prevent and remove baldness of you hairs.

Grow out Hair oil

Ingredients: Sunflower, Bhringraj leaf extract, Nagar motha, Onion, Hibiscus and grape seed oil.

How to use it: Apply this oil on balding areas of the scalp. Massage smoothly with fingertips on the scalp as well as roots. Leave it there for a night and you will see the results. Rinse your hair next day.

  • Hair Ultima spa: As the name suggests it is an ultimate hair mask which is often used by the people to give deep nourishing effects to the hairs. It strengthens hair follicles and acts as a shield against hair fall. It is a solution which can combat hair issues like dandruff, hair loss etc. Hair ultima spa for a dry skin can be used to get a smooth and glowing look to your hairs ss it removes dryness and moisturizes the skin of the scalp. It not only stimulates blood circulation by the detoxification of dead cells but also provide appealing look to your hairs. After using this spa one see a change in his/her hairs which is noticeable and the experience is just awesome which can’t be expressed in words. The shine it brings to your hairs is unparalleled. So to get soft and shining hairs this is a must use product.

Hair Ultima spa

Ingredients: Water, Wheat germ, Neem, Coconut, Methi seed extract, Lemon, basil oil, Sorbic acid, citric acid, tea tree oil, and many more natural ingredients. All these ingredients are natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

How to use it: First shampoo your hairs thoroughly to the remove the initial dust which is present in the hairs. Pat dry your hairs and apply Indus valley hair ultima spa to each strand specifically. Keep it there for around 20 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water for a bouncy and smooth hair look.

  • Tulsi Leaf powder: Tulsi leaf powder is one of the most dynamic products which is available on the market and can have many benefits in terms of hair and skin. People who are suffering from the itchiness on the scalp do use it become free from it. In fact it is a product which is used to do cleansing of the skin. It is a herbal leaf powder which has many properties like it is made up of pure and 100% natural ingredients. It is organic in nature and is clinically tested and experimented by the experts. Tulsi leaf powder has many other benefits like it can be used to moisten the hairs and can remove excessive dryness of the skin of the scalp. Thus you can gift this product to your sister to make her feel special. This product is free from the impact of harmful chemicals and can protect one from baldness. So regular application of this powder can reduce the process of hair loss and can make feel confident and cheerful.

Tulsi Leaf powder

Ingredients: Coming to it, it contains many natural ingredients like Tulsi and many more like mulethi, tulsi leaf extracts.

How to use it: In order to use this product keep few points in mind. First take the desired quantity of this powder in a bowl and make a paste and apply it your hairs. Leave it there for around half an hour. Pat it dry and then rinse your hairs thoroughly with warm water to get the best desired results.

So these are some of the products which are brought together as a gift hamper which a person can gift to her sister as a present. These products will add a pinch to the beauty of your sister and make her feel happy. This gift hamper is cost effective is brought to at a discounted price.

Cumulatively if you will purchase these products then it will cost you around 980/-. But it will cost you 899/- on this occasion of Raksha Bandhan. When it come to the happiness of sister money doesn’t matter. She doesn’t need your money but she expects that you will support her in times of need. She just needs your care and protection. So hurry up and get this one to delight your sweet sister with this unforgettable gift so that she can feel special and happy. Happy Raksha Bandhan to all.

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