5 Lesser Known Benefits of Hibiscus For Skin and Hair

Did you ever know that hibiscus powder can be a great herb for both your hair and skincare? Hibiscus flower is often used for worshipping purposes. However very few know that this flower can prove miracles for your hair as well as skin if you decide to use it in the correct way as well as use it in the most original, unadulterated form. Most of the hibiscus powders in todays’ times are adulterated and thus does not give you maximum results.
However before using hibiscus powder, do you know its series of advantages and the results it can produce? Many of us don’t actually know that hibiscus powder for hair can truly improve your hair quality and cure several problems of the skin at the same time. So here is a brief guide that how you can control your hair damage and get a better and healthier skin through the use of hibiscus.


Hair Problems Tackled Naturally With A Single Box of Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus powder sundried and grounded into fine powder can work miracles for haircare. Hibiscus has polyphenol compounds whose anti-inflammatory features can prevent the graying of hair as well as the loss of hair strands. It’s Vitamin C and mineral constitutions work amazingly beneficial for hair. Often hair loss may happen due to thyroid in the body. Applying an even paste of hibiscus powder on the scalp can cure the loss of hair caused due to thyroid. When mixed with curd or henna and used on a regular basis, this powder gives excellent results in curbing hairfall. It strengthens the roots and makes hair stronger, thicker and more beautiful.

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 In case of preventing premature grays, hibiscus enhances the blood production and makes sure that the most significant minerals reach the deepest of hair follicles. This therefore prevents the graying of hair and does not allow any premature grays to occur.


 The amazing benefits of hibiscus powder for hair are undoubtedly appreciable. It also works efficiently for removing dandruff from hair. One of the main reasons for which dandruff occurs is over-drying your hair strands. However Bio Organic Hibiscus Powder mixed with lemon juice is a great hair mask that not only conditions your hair but also helps in treating dandruff conditions effectively.

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 Did you ever know that hibiscus powder can work amazing results as a natural hair color? If you didn’t know it yet, then you need to try it once. When Hibiscus is mixed with fenugreek or Mehendi, it gives dark, beautiful, black color. Undoubtedly this is one of the best natural ways to color your hair without any chemicals.

Your way to a perfect glowing suppler skin is Now Possible Naturally

Now coming to skin care problems, Hibiscus is a proven herb for that purpose too.
 Time to break free from existing acne issues with the revolutionary hibiscus powder by Indus Valley that would reach the deepest pores of your face and purify your skin. Hibiscus works wonders for skin, and as it is rich in antioxidants that is commonly known as anthocyanocides which fight the several skin damage causing agents like traffic pollution, ultraviolet radiation etc. Therefore making a paste of hibiscus powder along with milk or water work as a powerful face cleanser.

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 Hibiscus powder has an anti-inflammatory impact and therefore if your skin has a burning sensation, it can work effectively to calm the skin and give it a soothing sensation. Therefore it is suitable for usage for even the most sensitive skin.


 Did you know that hibiscus has a certain percentage of mucilage that helps excellently in enhancing the moisture content of the skin. The moisture in the skin therefore improves as a result of the hibiscus. In case if you are suffering from dry or rough skin issues, then application of hibiscus powder paste will surely improve the moisture content of your face. A glowing, supple skin with a refreshing face can now be possible with the Bio Organic 100% Natural Hibiscus Powder.

So get ready to flaunt a healthier skin and an amazing hair texture with the Bio Organic 100% Natural Hibiscus Powder.

4 thoughts on “5 Lesser Known Benefits of Hibiscus For Skin and Hair

  1. Quite an informative blog post. I usually used to think that hibiscus can be used only for the purpose of eating. Never thought that it is great for hair and skin. However thank you for introducing me to the benefits of hibiscus powder for hair and skin. I would personally try to follow these.

  2. Truly informative and educational blog post. I have previously used hibiscus for my hair and I found it to be extremely beneficial. It has cured my dandruff problems and nowadays I do not face hair fall issues too. Thanks for introducing me to the benefits of hibiscus powder for skin. Will try to follow them.

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