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5 Proven Health Benefits and Uses of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Plain coconut oil has high content of saturated fat that can raise cholesterol and blood lipids that may lead to heart disease. On the other hand organic coconut oil has some extra health benefits consumed in small amounts. Extra virgin coconut oil has some exceptional health benefits that we will discuss today. One can get following health benefits through extra virgin coconut oil. Let us know them through this post:

Major Health Benefits from Extra Virgin Coconut Oil:

1. Skin Repair- 

Extra virgin or less processed coconut oil has many properties for skin care. It is an anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant and vulnerary agent. It can be used even to treat chronic skin disorders like atopic dermatitis and eczema. Regular oil application can improve the barrier function and may also offer UV protection. It helps in speeding up the process of wound healing and scars.

2. Fast Weight Loss Process- 

Most of the oils have long-chain fatty acids that may enhance the speed of blood levels. These fatty acids can be easily broken in the bloodstream. Use of oils that contain short-c medium-chain fatty acids can prevent high cholesterol level in the blood.

Extra virgin coconut oil contains long and medium-chain fatty acids. Among them medium-chain fatty acids do not raise blood cholesterol and do not store in fat tissues of body. Even the people who consume medium-chain fatty acids lose faster weight. So by incorporating Indus valley extra virgin coconut oil you can get positive effect on weight loss.

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3. Fast Hair Growth-

Coconut oil has lauric acid that can interact better with hair proteins. It can interact with damaged or undamaged hair. It can give better result during pre-wash or post-wash. It also reduces the split ends of hair. It can fill the hair cell gaps and provide them protection from harsh chemical damage.

4. Fungal Infection Management-

Women can be prone to several infections, diabetes and obesity, As per Chinese medicine prescription a diet with virgin coconut oils can help in managing and fighting with fungal infection. Many fungal species are susceptible to virgin coconut oil. Lauric acid of extra virgin coconut oil can alter the microbial cell walls.

5. May Reduce Cancer Risk-

For individuals with low immunity medium-chain fatty acids are essential. Virgin coconut oil is one of the best sources of such acids as compared to other butter and oils. It has better protective agents to prevent colon and breast cancers. Often people who undergo chemotherapy feel weak with less or no appetite.

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Addition of Indus valley extra virgin coconut oil in diet can boost their energy and metabolism. Lauric acid present in the oil can do even miracles. Researches have proved that coconut oil has anti-proliferative effect on breast and colon cancer and can also increase cholesterol and serum level as well. Researches have proved that high cholesterol level can stop or slow down the speed of tumor development.


It can be said that consumption of virgin coconut oil can be beneficial for your health and it can provide numerous health benefits as well.  Health enthusiasts around the world are replacing refined and mineral oils with unprocessed oil just due to its health benefits.

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