Beard Grooming Tips

5-Step Easy DIY Beard Care Home Routine—Beard Grooming Tips

Who doesn’t love growing a heavy beard? Well, all men do. But, in the process, men often forget to take proper care of their beard, resulting in brittle beard hair, dandruff and rough beard. A great beard adds to your personality, but you must follow a daily beard care routine at home to maintain its charm, for your beard also deserves your attention and care just like your hair and body does. In this write-up, we share some simple yet useful beard grooming tips that can be easily followed at home, so that you can get an attractive and healthy beard without suffering any side-effects.

Why do you need beard grooming tips?

Before jumping onto a beard care routine, you must realise the need for it. Have you recently observed dryness or flakiness? The reason behind this could be low maintenance or not using good beard grooming products. Also, when the skin starts losing moisture—dandruff, flakiness and brittle hair start showing more and more. These indicate that you need a potent daily beard care routine supported by good beard care products like beard hair colour, beard hair oil, etc. And needless to say, going the organic way cannot be discounted.

Today, along with a few simple beard grooming tips, we will also recommend to you some excellent and effective beard care products that will make your beard extra shiny and attractive.

5-Step DIY beard care routine to try at home for an attractive beard:

1) Start with proper brushing of your beard

Brushing beard hair is the most essential and first step in a daily beard care routine. Brushing helps the brittle beard hair to settle down in specified directions. The bristles of the brush stimulate blood flow and exfoliate the pores to breathe. Make sure the brush you use for brushing your beard hair must have soft bristles that won’t irritate your skin.

2) Trim your beard

Regular trimming of beard hair is necessary to eliminate the dead and extra hair. It also gives your beard the desired look and shape. You can trim your beard hair twice a month if you get good beard growth. Always use a trimmer that won’t cause rashes or cuts.

3) Use an organic beard hair colour

Many people think colouring beard hair is not healthy. That it can have harmful side effects. But, there are many eco-friendly and organic beard hair colours too that are available in the market that help you in getting your desired beard look without causing any side effects. Brown and Black are 2 trending beard hair colours you can try to hide your greys and look more attractive. If you are going for a beard hair colour for the first time, then we recommend that you go for Indus Valley’s Organic Beard Hair Colour range. They have four rich beard hair colours, which are 100% natural, safe and free from ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, PPD, sulphates, parabens and resorcinols. Its application is also super easy. Just choose your shade and get going.

4) Use an organic beard shampoo

Not all shampoos are good for beard hair. You might be unaware of the fact that your beard gets dirtier compared with your other body parts and so it actually requires frequent cleaning. And since our facial skins are more delicate, we must always use a mild beard shampoo that would gently cleanse the beard hair, prevent dandruff, make them smooth and restore their shine. After washing, gently towel dry, without rubbing too much.

5) Add shine and health with an organic beard growth oil

And last but not least, use an organic beard growth oil to keep your beard hair smooth, shiny and healthy. Beard oil helps in conditioning and nourishing your skin, prevents dandruff and dryness. Also, natural beard oil helps with faster hair growth and improves hair thickness. Always opt for a beard growth oil that is 100% natural and enriched with botanical herbs for best results. You can apply beard oil daily at night to get a handsome, manly, healthy beard.

Do you have your own tips to add to this beard care routine? Just add your comments below and we will add it to our list of beard grooming tips.

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