5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair

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Gray hairs, or silver strands or white hairs no matter how you call it, happen to be an important part of every individual’s life. Whereas some happen to love the salt and pepper look, some are eager to flaunt the whites in their hairs and then there are some who prefer covering the grays up with the right kind of hair colour shade matching their hair colour and skin complexion. There are certain things that you didn’t know about the grays, and here are the five things about grays that you didn’t know.

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gray Hair


  • # 1: Normal Ageing Is A Major Factor:

According to scientists and researchers, normal ageing happens to be the major culprit in turning your hairs grey. Dermatologists have termed it the 50-50 rule as 50% of the population happens to have 50% gray hairs at the age of 50. Just like your skin, hair seems to change its texture and ageing happens to be a biological factor that cannot be denied. So, you need to be prepared that as you age, the gray hairs shall pop out.

  • # 2: Lifestyle Matters:

Unhealthy lifestyle has been linked to that of ageing with the grays being on an increase. Research states that the deficiency of vitamins like Vitamin B12 is known to lead to the loss of hair pigment that leads to rapid graying of the hairs. To avoid such deficiencies, it is extremely important that you follow a balanced diet with lots of greens, fruits and required proteins. It is important that you stick to a healthy lifestyle with proper sleep cycles that helps maintain the proper balance of the health.

  • # 3: Chemical Hair Dyes Can Lead To Rapid Graying

Chemical hair dyes contain dangerous chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, heavy Metals, Alcohol, Resorcinol, Barlum and no other Added Synthetic additives to be precise. Hydrogen Peroxide that the chemical hair color contains has been known to be another major reason that leads to the graying of natural hairs. To avoid the said issue, it is best that you go in for the herbal dark brown hair colour or the Natural dark brown gel colour as you would call it. This is the most important aspect of hair colouring that you need to select an organic hair color like that of the herbal dark brown hair colour or the Natural dark brown gel colour. Enriched with the essential goodness of powerful herbs, plant extracts and essential oils, the organic hair colour like that of herbal dark brown hair colour or the Natural dark brown gel colour known to colour with utmost care for the matter. This certified all natural hair colours like herbal dark brown hair colour or the Natural dark brown gel colour make for a completely safe product that is free from hydrogen peroxide and in addition, the goodness of natural herbs helps combat the premature graying of the hairs.

No Ammonia Hair Colour

  • # 4: Hairs Doesn’t Become Grays, It Grows That Way

Another important fact about grays is the fact that the gray hairs grow that way, it doesn’t become so. So as we age, the gray hairs seem to increase and then there are more gray hairs as we age. So, it is important that we understand that the hairs don’t turn gray, rather it grows that way.

  • # 5: Gray Hairs Are Resistant To Hair Colors

Well, yes, gray hairs like the stubborn ones happen to be resistant to that of hair dyes and therefore it is important that you opt for the organic range of colours like the natural dark brown gel colour that provides for effective stubborn gray coverage.


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