9 Ways You Can Use Coconut Oil Which You Never Knew

Coconut oil is known for its natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities and has amazing benefits to its credit that work wonders in terms of skin and hair care which makes it a base oil in a variety of beauty products for the same. The essential goodness of the coconut oil provides for natural remedies to a variety of skin and hair related problem.

Here are the nine natural uses of this excellent coconut oil that not many are aware of:

Skin Care:

  • As a Cheekbone Highlighter: Yes, dabbing a little of the organic coconut oil on top of the makeup as a cheekbone highlighter can get you unbelievable results. This natural oil can add to the beauty of your makeup while functioning as the most natural cheekbone highlighter.


  • Removes Waterproof Make-up: The waterproof eye mascara that you have applied can easily get remove as you rub a little of coconut oil over it with the help of a cotton ball.
Woman removing makeup
Woman removing makeup
  • Works As A Natural Cleanser: Owing to its antibacterial and antifungal and moisturising qualities, coconut oil can function as a great cleanser for your skin that happens to be a completely natural and no-chemical oil.


  • Moisturising Oil: Coconut oil helps to keep the skin hydrated by moisturising it to the core and is an effective solution for dry skin to be precise.


  • Oil For Shaving: Those who opt to shave their hands or legs can opt for this amazing oil as a shaving cream that has microbial qualities and its moisturising essence comes as an added advantage in this respect.

Hair Care:

  • Stimulates Hair Growth: Coconut oil is known as a great stimulant for hair growth and it further helps to combat hair loss in an effective manner.


  • Solution For Scalp Problems: Organic coconut oil makes for a natural remedy for a variety of scalp problems like dryness, itchy scalp, flaky scalp. It also helps to fight dandruff by adding to the scalp health in a complete manner.

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  • Remedy For Dry Hairs: Dry tresses gets moisturized in a natural manner with the amazing coconut oil that makes for the perfect solution for dry hairs owing to its moisturizing qualities.


  • Adds Shine: Owing to its essential goodness coconut oil is known to add an instant shine to the hairs and the use of coconut oil on the hairs adds shine, lustre and softness to the tresses.

coconut oil indus valley

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