Botanical Hair Colours

Look Gorgeous this Festive Season with Botanical Hair Colors!

Try new fascinating ways to colour your hair this festive season With the festive season already at our doorsteps, get ready to give a fresh touch to everything, including your hair. Festivals are all about flaunting your unique style and celebrating positivity. So this Diwali, explore new looks by trying a natural hair color and […]

best henna powder

Why and How to Shop for the Best Dark Brown Henna Hair Colour?

Since ancient times, henna has been used as a natural hair dye. It is the most popular among all-natural hair dyes used across the world. The practice of dyeing the skin and hair with henna is rooted in South and Central Asian cultures. In Egypt, it has been used for ages to dye hair, skin and fingernails. […]

Citronella essential oil benefits

5 Important Citronella Essential Oil Benefits

Citronella essential oil benefits have a wide range. It is a popular choice for aromatherapy, and a darling ingredient for the cosmetics industry. The oil also has praiseworthy medicinal qualities. The intense lemony-zesty aroma of the best pure citronella oil is well known for its strong insect repelling qualities. Traditionally the oil has been used […]

Pure lavender essential oil

Top 6 Health Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is one of the most widely grown essential oil crops in the world. Its oil is extracted through a steam distillation process from the flowers of the lavender herb. Distillers, around the world, use distillation stills made out of either steel or copper. The copper stills yield the best and most aromatic lavender essential oil and […]

Eucalyptus Oil and its 7 Wonders

Eucalyptus Oil is an essential oil derived from the leaves of eucalyptus trees, originally native to Australia. The main ingredient of this oil is cineole (also known as eucalyptol), known for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and aromatic properties. Australian aboriginals used eucalyptus as a natural remedy against wounds, infections, aches and colds. The oil is extracted […]

Bhringraj Powder

Incredible Benefits of Bhringraj Powder for Skin and Hair

Derived from Eclipta Prostrata, Bhringraj is a well-known medicinal herb widely used to treat hair problems, skin infections, liver disorders, heart ailments and what not! Since ancient times, it has also been known as “Kesharaj” in the Indian subcontinent meaning “king of hair”. Enriched with antioxidants and other therapeutic properties, the benefits of Bhringraj Powder […]

Mulethi Powder

How to Use Mulethi at Home for Sore Throat and Cough

Ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda, tells us how uniquely important herbs like Manjistha, Mulethi, etc., were for curing sore throat, cough and other respiratory troubles. Especially cough and sore throat, which are common problems during any season. Mulethi, or Licorice, was given the top spot for curing these two conditions. A traditional natural herb found in […]