How To Look Extravagantly Masculine with a Damage Free Beard Colour?

The beard has always been on trend and it will stay on in fashion for long; a symbol of masculinity, as much as, say, the eyebrows are a sign of feminal beauty for women. The man’s beard, therefore, exudes the inner image of his glorious self like no other. With age, however, little streaks of […]

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Do You Have a Cold-Weather Hair Care Plan?

Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy, Shiny and Smooth Through Winter Winter is here; the days are getting shorter, temperatures are dipping and nature is changing its course. It’s time to start drinking hot beverages, celebrate Christmas and enjoy chilly days. Winters are fun, but it is also the time to protect yourself from the […]

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Going Grey is Finally In Vogue—So Don’t Just Hide Your Greys Anymore, Embrace Them!

Grey hair has finally made a dent in fashion circles as a stylishly natural hair color—the trend taking the digital world by storm. During the grey hair campaign, celebrities displayed their grey hair before paparazzi and fashion models highlighted their greys on the ramp, while many went crazy sporting their natural greys. Some youngsters showed […]

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Why are Fashionistas Switching Over to This Organic Hair Colouring Routine This Festive Season?

Festivities require that perfect look to celebrate it. And nothing completes a festive look like a perfectly coloured hairdo. Read on if you are allergic to chemical hair dyes. Did you know that fashionistas around the world are abandoning chemical hair colours, and switching over to organic and natural hair colours this festive season? Primarily […]

This Festive Season, Look Fabulous With Damage Free Hair Colour

The festive season is here, an occasion to try a new style of dress, makeup, hairstyle, and also hair colour. For this is the right time to transform how your hair looks sitting right at home. Colouring hair at home is one of the most inexpensive ways to experiment with a new hair colour. And […]

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Look Gorgeous this Festive Season with Botanical Hair Colors!

Try new fascinating ways to colour your hair this festive season With the festive season already at our doorsteps, get ready to give a fresh touch to everything, including your hair. Festivals are all about flaunting your unique style and celebrating positivity. So this Diwali, explore new looks by trying a natural hair color and […]

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Why and How to Shop for the Best Dark Brown Henna Hair Colour?

Since ancient times, henna has been used as a natural hair dye. It is the most popular among all-natural hair dyes used across the world. The practice of dyeing the skin and hair with henna is rooted in South and Central Asian cultures. In Egypt, it has been used for ages to dye hair, skin and fingernails. […]

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5 Important Citronella Essential Oil Benefits

Citronella essential oil benefits have a wide range. It is a popular choice for aromatherapy, and a darling ingredient for the cosmetics industry. The oil also has praiseworthy medicinal qualities. The intense lemony-zesty aroma of the best pure citronella oil is well known for its strong insect repelling qualities. Traditionally the oil has been used […]