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Best Body Care And Skin Care Products Online

Indus Valley has created a popular name among customers in the present as providing for the best of an organic range of products that feature options right from hair care, face masks to that of the best body care products. These amazing range of herbal products speak for the brilliant revival of ancient botanicals while matching the demands of modern-day existence. In terms of skin care, you can experiment with innumerable options right from clays to face masks to that of skin scrubs, to that of skin care oils, beneficial gels to that of feminine intimate care products, etc. that Indus Valley features under their exclusive banner.

body care products

The major advantage of the best body care products happens to be the fact that these are specially formulated with certified ingredients only which include herbal extracts, plant extracts and other essential oils that are known to work wonders in terms of skin care. The range of body care products is free from any kind of dangerous chemicals, harsh metals or any kind of synthetic additives for the matter. These brilliant products are free from any kind of side effects or allergies and are suitable for application on all skin kinds including that of sensitive skin types. Here are the three best body care products as enlisted under that shall provide you with the vast range of products that get featured under the banner:-

Indus Valley Deep Forest Natural Deodorant:-

Indus Valley Deep Forest Natural Deodorant makes for a completely organic Deo stick that comes with skin-friendly components and makes for easy usage which needs to be applied after having your shower. It can be applied to your body and it is completely safe to use as it is 100% organic and natural and contains 0% parabens, Aluminium, and Alcohol. It contains no other chemical compounds, synthetic additives, and no artificial fragrance. It gives a long-lasting effect and stops the bad body odor. It is strongly recommended by the doctor and makes for a certified Bio Natural product that contains Halal certified ingredients to be precise.

‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’

Fem Optima Intimate Wash
This feminine care product is specially designed to ensure the proper intimate hygiene that your vagina needs for the right kind of personal hygiene. The sanitary napkins, or the menstrual cups, or the tampons many a time leave us with irritation, dryness, and rashes in the vagina. This paraben-free product prevents itchiness and discomfort while taking care of the said problems that you get during your periods. The proper application of this natural feminine wash leaves you with a fresh feeling for the day. It helps to maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina being a pH balance wash and it prevents soreness or any kind of infections even during times of menstruation. ‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’ comprises of 100% vegetarian components that contain Purified water, Rosewater, Lactic acid etc. and is clinically tested to be chemical free, as well as, soap & alkali free that is suitable also for sensitive skin. ‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’ is a woman intimate care product that comes with a strong rose fragrance which is completely helpful to do away with the uneasy odor during the days of menstruation.

Indus Valley Cow Yogurt & Honey Brightening Depigmentation Gel

Indus valley Brightening Depigmentation Gel contains cow yogurt and honey which together produces a strong soothing, moisture retaining properties and helps stimulate skin regeneration as well. The exfoliating properties of its powerful ingredients help in deep cleansing of the skin. This Best cream for pigmentation contains the essential goodness of cow yogurt and Mashobra Wild Honey that is known to work wonders in terms of skin care. Yogurt is known to contain lactic acid which is a gentle as well as the effective natural form of hydroxyl acid that helps to exfoliate, soften skin, and lightens dark spots in an absolutely all-natural manner. Works as an Anti pigmentation cream that helps to exfoliate and inhibit hyper pigmentation, giving a clearer, more even complexion with added radiance. Pigmentation Gel is ideal for the treatment of age spots, sun spots, freckles, darkening of the skin, Hyperpigmentation acne and its powerful ingredients substantiate the benefits all the more.

Take your pick with the best body care products as per individual preferences and witness for yourself the magic of organic products.

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