Best Hair Care Gifts for Women on International Women’s Day

hair colour for women

Want your Women’s Day gift to be different, innovative yet useful and appreciated? Here’s your answer for the perfect Woman’s Day gift for your mother, sister, friend or your special lady!

A gift that includes hair care is surely going to make any woman happy who possesses hair worth envying and loves changing her look with different shades of hair colour. Hair care goodies which make the best Women’s Day gift are:

Hair Care Kits

Choosing to gift an entire hair care kit will save you the headache of selecting a specific hair care product (it’s surely a difficult thing to do!). Make sure the kit contains the basics like a good shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair oil, and hair serum. If she prefers natural hair care products you will find plenty of options at Indus Valley. One of the benefits of shopping from brands that cover the entire range of hair care products like ayurvedic hair colour, organic hair oils, organic shampoos, and various other beauty care products is that you get plenty of variety to choose from. Send it to her because every woman loves to maintain those lovely locks.

hair color kit


Hair Colour

Gifting hair colour to a lady needs thoughtful selection. Besides selecting the right shade, there are plenty of options when it comes to hair colour for women. Explore permanent hair colour, semi-permanent

Hair colour, hair colour gel, root touch-up colour before you buy a gift for her. Whether you are looking for soft black, chestnut brown, walnut blonde or flame red, Indus Valley ayurvedic hair colour has got you covered. The range of Indus Valley hair colour for women are made from natural ingredients, so you can pick her gift without worrying about the side effects!

Hair Oil

Every woman’s secret desire includes soft, strong, lovely, shiny and amazing tresses. Your Women’s Day hair care gift could be her means to achieve her perfect hair goals! Indus Valley has a wonderful range of hair oils that any woman would love. Hair oils formulated with the goodness of nature are the ideal pick when you are selecting it for your loved ones. From regular hair oils to restorative hair oils enriched with effective natural ingredients like almond, olive, bhringaraj, coconut, all of them will help in effectively styling, and treating hair.

hair oil

Shampoo and conditioner

Need a really affordable gift for her but want to keep it classy? Consider buying her shampoo and conditioner. With brands displaying hundreds of shampoos and conditioners, choosing a shampoo and conditioner for someone may be utterly confusing. Don’t be baffled, because when you are in doubt, it is best to go with what’s natural! If you are not sure whether she prefers a colour protective shampoo or an anti-dandruff shampoo, the best is to stick to a gentle shampoo which she can use every day. Organic argan oil shampoo, organic aloe vera enriched shampoo, hibiscus, tea or bhringaraj shampoo would be the best hair care gifts for her.

The secret behind choosing the perfect hair care gift for a woman is to be observant. Give her organic hair colour that matches her present shade of hair or choose a shampoo that you think will be good for her hair type. A little thinking always goes a long way in choosing the right gift!

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