Spott Hair Colour Capsules

Indus Valley Capsule Hair Colour – The Smart Way to Colour Small Grey Patches

Got some grey strands or patches in your sideburns or moustache, which are ruining your whole look? Well, we all know that feeling. But colouring up the entire headful just to colour up a few grey strands or patches cannot be a good idea. So what is the way out? How to specifically colour only […]

Indus valley capsule color

Do Away With Stubborn Greys With The No Ammonia Indus Valley Capsule Color

Irritated with stubborn greys? Is it that those grey strands happen to pop out of nowhere while spoiling your fashion statement? Worried about what to do with these frustrating grey hairs? Well, do away with stubborn greys with this exceptional Indus valley capsule color that has been especially designed to cover up the small grey […]