Organic Wheat Germ Oil

5 Reasons Why You Must Always Look Out for Organic Wheat Germ Oil in Your Hair Color

If you want to reverse the harmful damage done by chemical products on your hair, nature has some great organic solutions to offer. Have you ever heard about the potential benefits of organic wheat germ oil for hair? Well, derived from the kernels of wheat grains, organic wheat germ oil is a miraculous natural remedy […]

organic onion hair shampoo

For Hair Fall Control, Nothing Works Better than Onion Shampoo—The Whys & Hows

Due to the latest style trends and ever-increasing use of chemical-based hair products by all and sundry, problems like hair fall, hair damage, dandruff, premature greying, split ends, drying and rough hair, skin allergies, and rashes, etc., have become very common. But one magical natural remedy common to all does exist and that is natural […]

organic onion hair oil

6 Astonishing Benefits of Onion Oil for Quickest Hair Fall Control

Prolonged unhealthy eating habits, stressful working hours and faulty hairstyle trend pick-ups,all together, severely damage our hair,aggravating problems like hair fall, dandruff, split ends and more. It is only then that we start searching for ways to improve our hair health, when natural hair care alternatives start looking very attractive. One ancient remedy for boosting […]

Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour—No Chemicals, No Allergy

Change is the only constant—an idiom we are way too familiar with nowadays. Interestingly, today’s fashion also gives you complete freedom to look like a star as much as you want. Sounds interesting? Change your hair colour and see. You will be surprised how different it makes you look each time. But those of us […]

Damage-Free Hair Colour

Secret Revealed—Why You Must Choose a Damage-Free Hair Colour

So you have grey hair. And you regularly colour them in a salon. But did you ever check if the number of your white hair has been increasing more, particularly after you started colouring them? We suggest that you start paying attention to this. Hydrogen peroxide, or any kind of peroxide for that matter, is […]

The harmful pigments used in hair colors that you must always avoid

The harmful pigments used in hair colors that you must always avoid

As you must be aware of the fact that all types of hair dye have chemicals added to it. These chemicals can cause you skin troubles and some of them are life-threatening too. Whereas, herbal Henna hair color has zero chemicals, not all Indigo powder for hair and herbal Henna hair color are 100% natural. […]