This Festive Season, Look Fabulous With Damage Free Hair Colour

The festive season is here, an occasion to try a new style of dress, makeup, hairstyle, and also hair colour. For this is the right time to transform how your hair looks sitting right at home. Colouring hair at home is one of the most inexpensive ways to experiment with a new hair colour. And […]

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Do You Even Know You Need Special Hair Colours For Special Reasons?

With so many hair colours available in the market, finding the right one that caters to our particular haircare needs becomes challenging. Do you know that not every hair colour is meant for all hair types? That most of them are only for generic application and cannot solve your special scalp or hair needs? Yes, […]

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Don’t Just Cover Your Premature Greys. Address The Root Cause

One of the biggest mistakes we all make while selecting our hair colour is to neglect their ingredients, which cause severe and often irreversible hair damages and premature greying. The modern hair colours available in the market consist of harsh chemicals (for effecting their artificial colouration on hair), which make our hair dry, rough and […]

Organic Colourless Henna Powder

How To Get The Best Out of Henna Without Its Colour

Many people still prefer Henna over chemical hair dyes mainly because of its natural haircare properties and zero side effects. But we must keep in mind that henna is also just another dye only, albeit a natural one, that gives your hair red/orange hues by depositing colour on your hair follicles. So henna also tends […]

Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour—A huge sigh of relief

Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour—A huge sigh of relief

Do you get awful red rashes, horrible itches from excruciating dryness, swellings on your face and body from using hair colours? If yes, then you have a sensitive, allergy-prone skin and you must avoid using chemical hair dyes by all means. But worry not! You can still make your hair look absolutely stunning with vibrant […]

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How to Choose the Best Damage-Free Hair Colour—Experts Reveal

Thick glossy hair makes you look smart. You can style it up in any way you want. Apply the latest fashion trends and look unique in your own special ways. An indulgence majorly boosted over the last few decades since hair colouring acquired mainstream fashion status. So much so that today even school going kids […]

Damage-Free Hair Colour—some awesome questions answered

Damage-Free Hair Colour—Some Awesome Questions Answered

Colouring your hair can become a horrifying experience if you don’t know enough about the hair colour that you are using and its ingredients. While that perfect head turning hair colour could elude you simply because it depends upon many other factors too, like your hair texture, your hair tone, its porosity, your skin colour, […]

Why to Choose a Natural Hair Dye (Secret Revealed)

Why to Choose a Natural Hair Dye (Secret Revealed)

Most of us love to colour our hair, either to try new looks or for professional reasons. But do we ever think about the damages such colours cause? Girls always receive their first set of beauty tips from their mothers, most of them being mere misunderstandings with very little, or no, scientific reasoning behind, like—plucking […]