Maximize Growth of the Locks by Using Herbal Hair Color

Most of the conventional hair dyes and colorants products available in the market contain harsh and harmful chemicals that may destroy the natural quality of locks. According to the survey, 10 out of 7 women below 30 and 10 out of 5 men below 40 use permanent dye with an objective to cover their grays […]

Nourish Your Hair by Using Ayurvedic Hair Colour

There are a number of hair color brands which are used by us to cure premature graying of hair or to change the natural color of our hair. Every other day new colors are brought to market by the cosmetic companies and due to the highly known brand names people buy them and use them. […]

What Should Be The Perfect Haircare Routine For Long, Healthy Hair?

Long and healthy hair is something that every girl dreams of possessing. Though this might sound to be a very easy beauty wish, however very few can actually achieve long, flawless hair without any drawbacks. Having healthy and long hair increases the self-confidence of a person. But as the proverb says “Success is not a smooth […]

Using This Easily Available Fruit For Haircare Can Give You SOFT, Silky, Strong Hair Naturally

Don’t we all crave for smooth, shining hair naturally? We must have tried a thousand of hair serums, oils, masks etc. but unfortunately they give you temporary gloss and shine. Moreover these hair products may not suit all kinds of hair and might tamper the hair texture. Thus the best option is to go for […]

This Magical Herb Can Help You To Color Hair And Condition Your Scalp Naturally

This Lesser Known Herb Can Color Your Hair And Condition Your Scalp Naturally We all are in love with hair colors and experimenting with a new shade not only adds to our fashion statement but gives a great makeover. But in this process of using several hair colors, we often forget that we make our […]

The Best and Safest Hair Color For Lactating And Pregnant Mothers

Who said pregnant and lactating mothers need to sacrifice their ardent wishes and desires for hair color only for the sake of their baby? Do you fall in the said category who feels that it has been ages since you coloured your hair? Well, we cannot deny the fact that yes life changes with pregnancy […]

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Top 3 Benefits of Choosing A Natural Hair Color For Hair Coloring Purposes

Nature has bestowed us with amazing number of benefits. Whether it’s your hair, skin or your overall health, nature never disappoints you with its range of organic remedies. When it comes to hair and coloring it, we usually fall prey to several cosmetic hair colors which often damage the hair to its core. Though in […]

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How to Choose The Best Hair Color Brand Available in India?

An individual always tries to follow the latest fashion and in which hair Colouring has become popular these days. It is most common among the youngsters who always want to look faddish in the society. And can find all the varieties of hair products in the market that are highly designed to yield you the […]