Are You Taking the Right Steps to Care for Your Skin?

Are you taking the right steps to pamper your skin in the best possible manner? Is it that you are interested to get a flawless skin complexion? Eager to know about the right steps to get beautiful, soft and glowing skin? Not all are aware that you really don’t need expensive make up or cosmetics […]

rose powder for face

Want Glowing Skin Use The Organic Rose Petal Powder

Want to get that glowing flawless skin complexion? Well, we all happen to crave for the beautiful and soothing skin with ultimate shine, softness and glow. How about a natural powder that can help get glowing skin? What if we tell you that natural rose petal powder can work as the ideal skin requirement for […]

Happy Republic Day 2019

Remember Golden Heritage of Our Nation, this Republic Day With Indus Valley

It’s time to remember the great Indian warriors, who contributed to the present-day constitution and forms the integrity of our nation. On this special occasion of Republic Day, Indus Valley’s come out with a special offer. This offer consists of a Combo-pack of 5 products, which are: Hair Eaze spa, Orange Peel Powder, Fairness Cream, […]

best face scrub in India

Top Seven Reasons Why This Charcoal Scrub Is The Best Face Scrub In India For Men

Looking for the best face scrub in India for men? Why not go in for an organic one that comes with the goodness of activated charcoal? How about a face scrub that is free from any kind of side effects or allergies and has been specially formulated for men? Well, go in for this exceptional […]

Natural Face Pack

Top 10 Natural Face Packs For Dry And Oily Skin

How about soft and supple skin with that perfect doze of radiance? Are you eager to get this kind of perfect skin naturally? Well, here are the top ten natural face pack that is sure to get you the desired results: Orange Peel, Walnut Powder And Sandalwood Powder Exfoliating Face Pack: This amazing face pack […]

coconut oil

Coconut Oil Uses That You Never Knew Of

Coconut is the part of the Arecaceae family and the only species of the genus COCOCS. Coconut is known for its multiple purpose ranging from food to cosmetics. When the coconut gets mature we derive out the oil out of it which is of versatile use when it comes to use it as a cosmetic. It […]

This Karwachauth Look The Best With 5 Simple Natural Skincare Routines

The auspicious day of Karwachauth is an occasion which every Indian woman looks forward to. Dressed in vibrant hues of red and maroon, hands smudged with beautiful mehndi, every woman dresses up to their prettiest selves on this fortunate ceremony. It’s time to dazzle the man of your life with 5 simple skincare routines which […]

3 Best Proven Herbs For Hassle-Free Skin & HairCare At Home

Herbs are the best treatment for a person’s skin and hair. They give you a treatment that chemical products also give you but! They don’t cause harm to your skin and hair as the chemical products do. I hope nobody wants to give their skin or hair that harsh treatment. Some great herbs that will […]