Chemical Hair Color vs. Natural Hair Color—Shocking Facts

Chemical Hair Color vs. Natural Hair Color—Shocking Facts

Oh! That fiery streak of blue, red or green on the sides of your tresses! Hair colouring certainly adds character to your overall looks, doesn’t it? But what about its side effects? Those who get their hair coloured in salons know that chemical hair dyes make our hair dry and dull. Also, we start experiencing scalp itchiness and hair fall, and sometimes even hair whitening—damages, which are always permanent and irreversible, altering our looks forever, making us more and more hopelessly dependent on the same chemical-based hair colours that spoiled our looks in the first place.

Is there a way out?

The answer is simple—just go for an organic hair dye. The hair dying industry, the world over, is going through a big churn with a few reputed brands doing exceptionally well in offering 100% natural and 100% organic hair colors. These natural hair colors are carefully formulated to impart stunning hair colourations without causing any damages. And not just that, they also come with medicinal effects, restoring hair shine and growth even after they have suffered damages from previous use of chemical hair dyes. In this article, we are sharing with you how you can save your hair from chemical hair dyes, and switch to an all-natural hair dye, effortlessly. So let’s begin.

Chemical Hair Dye vs. Natural Hair Dye – Which one is best for you?

Chemical hair dyes contain Ammonia and Hydrogen Peroxide, which are essential for colouring hair. While the colouring pigment used is PPD, which is known for causing cancers in mice. But what about organic hair colours? Are they as effective as chemical hair dyes without all these chemicals? The answer is a big YES. Natural or chemical-free hair dyes work with botanical substitutes like Henna, Indigo, Chamomile, Manjistha, Amla, Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Brahmi, etc., which use oxygen for giving colour. And, being rich in vitamins, minerals and friendly fats, organic hair colours also preserve the natural shine and bounce of your hair, nourishing and conditioning them from their roots up enhancing hair growth.

Which Organic Hair Color is best for you? How to choose?

Now, the big question that still remains is—which organic hair colour is best? How to find the best organic hair color that would suit you the most?

By now you know that natural hair dyes are far better than chemical hair dyes, but you might not know how to get to the best options. The problem, however, has been hugely solved with the onset of the internet.

Customer reviews indicate that Indus Valley’s gel-based damage-free hair colour is most suitable for those looking for a natural hair dying solution, while Indus Valley’s Hypo Allergic Aqua Hair Colour suits those with highly sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Indus Valley’s chemical-free hair colours come certified by Dermatologists and skin and beauty experts. Many celebrities too are endorsing their products for being absolutely safe and hygienic.

Prompted by an overwhelming positive response from its global customer base, Indus Valley has recently launched its own Talk Show called Beautiful Naturally, with Saumya Tandon as its host. In the show, Saumya chats up with multiple celebrities, social media beauty influencers, scientists, hair colour research scholars, Dermatologists, Doctors, and health experts to expose all myths and disclose all facts concerning organic hair colors vis-a-vis chemical hair colours. Every episode ends with an exciting quiz too with lots of prizes to be won by all. So what are you waiting for? Get going and get involved to become beautiful naturally.

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