Choose Proper Vaginal Care Products And Enjoy Safe Sexual Intimacy

vaginal care products

Physical intimacy happens to be the binding factor of love relationships. The extremely close and intimate moments that you share with your partner are extremely special and are an absolute necessity to keep the romance going. But at times, it becomes difficult for women to participate sexually as their vagina experiences a lack of proper natural female lubrication, or there happens some irritations in the vagina or for that matter the lack of proper feminine hygiene products leads to causing a hindrance to sexual intercourses. Go in for proper vaginal care products that ensure ultimate hygiene during the moments of sexual intimacy.

‘Women Intimate Hygiene Combo Pack’ not only provides for feminine moisture products but also female wash products which together help to take care of intimate hygiene after moments of sexual intimacy. Therefore, the ‘Fem Elixer Intimate Moisturiser’ helps as the natural lubricant that is needed to enjoy the moments of sexual pleasure and for the proper feminine care after intercourse, the vaginal wash solution ‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’ is there to ensure complete intimate hygiene after intercourse.

How Does ‘Women Intimate Hygiene Combo Pack’ Help To Ensure Safe Sexual Intimacy?

The ‘Women Intimate Hygiene Combo Pack’ contains the ‘Fem Elixer Intimate Moisturiser’ that can be helpful in the following ways:-

Vaginal Care Products

  • This makes for an easy solution for women to enjoy having sex even after their menopause, as it helps to retain vaginal moisture.
  • ‘Fem Elixer Intimate Moisturiser’ has no side effects and is completely 100% chemical free. This paraben-free, women intimate care product is made of 100% vegetarian components and has no amount of glycerine and Estrogens.
  • This further helps to keep the vaginal infections at bay that you may encounter during sexual intercourses.

‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’ is the other amazing product among the best of vaginal care products that help ensure proper intimate hygiene during sexual intimacy in the following ways:

  • This women intimate care solution makes for an amazing paraben free product that helps to do away with itchiness, vaginal irritations, soreness, redness that happen to be common symptoms after having sexual intercourses.
  • ‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’ is a soap & alkali free women intimate wash that has no side effects and is made up of 100% vegetarian components.

This feminine intimate care product makes for the best feminine hygiene wash solution after intimacy and is a pH balance wash as well.

How To Use The ‘Women Intimate Hygiene Combo Pack’ To Ensure Safe Sexual Intimacy?

To use the vaginal care products here is how to go about using the same:-

‘Fem Elixer Intimate Moisturiser’

  • Apply a couple of drops of this ‘Indus Valley Fem Elixer Intimate Feminine Moisturiser’ in and around your vagina to get instant relief from vaginal dryness. For natural lubrication, apply a few drops on the entrance to the vagina just before the intercourse. To yield complete lubrication, buy fem elixir moisturiser and put a little inside your vagina and apply a bit to your partner’s penis before lovemaking and celebrate love with physical intimacy.

‘Fem Optima Intimate Wash’

  • All you need to do is take a few drops of this women intimate wash and apply it on the external areas of the vagina and then rinse off the said intimate cleanser thoroughly with water. Follow this on a daily basis to ensure proper intimate care of the vagina on a regular basis. Use the feminine hygiene wash after bathing and every time after urination. Use this vaginal wash every time after sexual intercourse. With proper application on a daily basis, this completely natural feminine wash helps to protect the vagina against infections.

Ensure moments of safe sexual intimacy with these excellent vaginal care products that talk of natural care.

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