Coconut Oil Uses That You Never Knew Of

coconut oil

Coconut is the part of the Arecaceae family and the only species of the genus COCOCS. Coconut is known for its multiple purpose ranging from food to cosmetics. When the coconut gets mature we derive out the oil out of it which is of versatile use when it comes to use it as a cosmetic.
It is natural and a pocket friendly oil to use and it is having lots of positive impact when we use it as a beauty product. In the ongoing season of
winter it is extremely beneficial to use coconut oil as a cosmetic product.

It can be used for various purposes for

1. Lip Gloss

You may have noticed that after applying lipstick on your lips in winter it feels like your lips are dried up and they feel to be harsh. But nature has blessed us with coconut oil and it can be easily used to solve the drying up problem for your lips.

How To Make Your Lip Gloss With Coconut Oil

Lip balm
Lip balm

First you have to apply your regular lipstickand after that you can take a drop of coconut oil on the tip of your finger and calmly dab it upon your lips covering all the region. You will noticethat it will give a glossy and a perfect look you always wanted for your lips and you will not feel any dehydration on your lips for the complete day.
Its a complete and a quick solution for your lips and very much easy to use.

2. Cuticle Oil

cuticle oil
Cuticle means the dead skin at the base of the fingernail or toenail. You may have noticed the dead skin around your nails which turns black in colour and does not look good as it is darker in complexion as compared to other part of your skin. With the help of coconut oil you can easily get rid of these cuticles just by applying the coconut oil on your cuticles and keep them moisturized and hydrated. By applying it on regular basis the dead skin
will be removed and you will see a nice and glowing skin around you nails.

3. Shaving Cream


Coconut oil can also be used in place of shaving cream. Most of the shaving creams are chemically processed which tends to harm your skin at certain levelwhere as coconut oil is 100% natural and is extremely beneficial for all skin types. When it comes to remove hair from sensitive areas of your body where skin is thin and delicate coconut oil is one of the greatest solution to remove hairs. You can just apply the coconut oil on the area you want to remove hair and than you can easily remove hairs with the help of a razor and you will see that it better to use coconut oil in place of shaving cream as it moisturizes your skin too and its better to remove hairs like this instead of going for painful procedures like waxing.

4. Exfoliator

coconut oil exfoliator
On going season of winter always tends to dry up your skin but coconut oil can also take care of that. Its very easy to to fix your skin with coconut oil. You can take a bowl and add a tea spoon of sugar to it and than you have to add some coconut oil to it and mix it gently. It will work as a sugar scrub . Apply the mixture to your
skin and gently scrub it for some period of time and after this procedure you will notice a glowing and perfectly smooth skin.

5.Cream Blush

We use makeup for having a creamy blush on our cheeks which is quite normal but we all know that make up are chemically processed and they damages the skin at certain level but you need not to worry as coconut oil can give you a natural and a effective solution for this problem and with zero side effects. Apply coconut oil in circular motion on your cheeks and after that dab your lipstick on the tip of your finger and apply it on your cheeks in the same manner you applied the coconut oil.
You will see a creamy blush on your cheecks which no make could have given you.

6.Makeup Remover

Coconut oil can also be used as a make up remover as it is excellent in doing so. Instead of using those painful peel of mask and make up remover you can simply use coconut oil.
Apply some coconut oil on the face where you want to remove makeup and than rub it of with the makeup removing pads. You will see that it is a quick and effective way to remove

7.Under Eye Wrinkle Cream

We all know that eyes are one of the most delicate organs of our body and it needs special attention. Coconut oil can be used for the same. You can apply some coconut oil under your eye area using your ring finger by gently tapping and rubbing it in circular motion. It will nourish the skin under your eye area and will make it look good and young.

8.For Healthy Lashes

You can apply coconut oil on your eye lashes before going to sleep as most of us ignore taking care of our eye lashes. Regular use of coconut oil will make your eye lashes
look dense and attractive.

Isn’t it amazing how a single coconut oil can be used in multiple purposes to serve all of your basic needs of cosmetics? It’s the beauty of nature which will make you look beautiful in natural way and leading a healthy life style.

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