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Do Away With Stubborn Greys With The No Ammonia Indus Valley Capsule Color

Irritated with stubborn greys? Is it that those grey strands happen to pop out of nowhere while spoiling your fashion statement? Worried about what to do with these frustrating grey hairs? Well, do away with stubborn greys with this exceptional Indus valley capsule color that has been especially designed to cover up the small grey areas and is completely free from Ammonia to be precise. It comes as this exceptional friend that helps you cover up greys only and while the other available hair colors provide for a complete hair coloring experience, this small capsule hair color is meant for covering up greys of small areas only with an enigmatic classy shade of rich black.

Capsule Hair Color

What Is This Capsule Hair Color?

A number of brands of hair colors happen to be available in the present that promises ultimate grey coverage, but while the hair colors usually address complete color application, this capsule hair color that Indus Valley features under their brand happens to be especially designed for covering the stubborn grays of small areas like root touch ups, hair line, side-burn, mustaches, beard, temples or any other area wherever you need to cover up the greys. This hair color is thus the ultimate savior and comes in a super handy pack rendering it as the friend that every individual needs to have to cover up those stubborn greys. Don’t let those strands of grays just spoil your fashion protocols by popping out at the most inappropriate of times.  Rather, go in for this natural alternative to chemical hair dyes that offer amazing gray coverage in an absolutely herbal manner. Take your pick with this capsule hair color that makes for the safest method to cover up grays instantly owing to the spot coloring advantage that it comes with.

Does This Capsule Hair Color Contain Ammonia?

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The chemical hair colors that are readily available in the market in the present times contain high concentration of Ammonia that finds expression in the extremely strong pungent fragrance that is a characteristic of such colors. Ammonia causes a lot of damage to your tresses as well as leads to some serious health complications in many cases. The Indus valley capsule color comes with a no Ammonia essence that saves you from the disadvantages that Ammonia containing hair colors have under their tag. In respect of chemical hair colors that contain Ammonia, a strong pungent smell is characteristic of the same. This smell causes respiratory problems for some who happen to be sensitive to such strong essence. Apart from leading to a number of side effects like headache, burning sensation in the eyes, the use of such products can have grave and adverse effects on your health. This excellent spot coloring capsule color is essentially made from the best quality herbs and essential oils like, Jojoba Oil Aloe Vera, Basil, Honey etc. that are known to work magic in terms of hair care. This capsule hair color in addition provides for additional benefits of nourishing the hairs and scalp that chemical hair color has to its disadvantage.

Is This Capsule Hair Color Especially For Women?

The capsule hair color being a completely natural solution to cover up grays in a completely organic manner and in an instant is not the hair color that is recommended for women only. It can be used by both men and women on equal terms without any sexual bias. This handy and super easy to use capsule color makes for the must have friend of both men and women to cover up their greys whenever the need arises and this hair color can be used anywhere and everywhere to be precise.

Can I Use The Capsule Hair Color On My Beard?

Wondering whether you can use this super handy capsule color on your beard? Well, to answer your query, yes, this capsule hair color can be used on your beard. Wherever you see those greys popping out and need to immediately cover them up, this capsule hair color comes as the ultimate savior. You can use this super handy and super easy hair color for root touch ups, hair line, side-burn, mustaches, beard, temples or any other area where you need a little color to cover up those greys effectively with the rich shade of black.

What Are The Advantages Of Using This Capsule Hair Color?

The different advantages of using this super handy and super easy capsule hair color can be enlisted as under:-

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  • This Indus valley capsule color makes for the new technology hair color that helps cover up the greys instantly. It is especially made to cover up the greys of small areas in an effective manner.
  • Is super Handy and available in a travel-friendly pack aging, it can be used anywhere. Whether it is about attending a family gathering, or being a part of the high class professional meeting or for the matter whether it is about catching a flight, this capsule hair color can be your super speedy and super easy savior from all those disturbing grays, since it does not require an immediate head wash post application and can be used everywhere and anywhere to be precise.
  • Makes for a new technology hair color that takes only a matter of 35-40 minutes to color your hairs with a classy shade of black that helps cover up the greys in an effective manner. Therefore it is just a matter of a few minutes and you get instant shiny colored locks that can be flaunted to perfection.
  • This Ammonia free hair color is a chemical free hair dye that contains no pungent smelling Ammonia, no dangerous chemicals and harsh metals that might lead to damage. In addition, it is a Ammonia free hair dye that has no synthetic additives which causes no damage to the scalp and hairs.
  • Makes for this no Ammonia certified hair color that is certified to contain certified Natural Herbs like, Aloe-Vera, Jojoba Oil, Honey, Basil etc., plant extracts and other essential oils that are known to work wonders in terms of hair care.
  • It comes in a complete hair color kit that provides for all the essentials that are required to touch up the greys from time to time.
  • The hair color comes with long lasting effects and the color lasts as long as six weeks for the matter.
  • It provides for an amazing hair color that makes for easy to use kit and provides for a stain free experience of covering up the greys.
  • Especially designed to cater to the coloring needs of small areas, this exceptional hair color is suitable for application on all hair kinds.

Say goodbye to stubborn greys wherever and whenever you want with this no Ammonia Indus valley capsule color that is super handy and super easy to use.

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