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Don’t Just Cover Your Premature Greys. Address The Root Cause

One of the biggest mistakes we all make while selecting our hair colour is to neglect their ingredients, which cause severe and often irreversible hair damages and premature greying. The modern hair colours available in the market consist of harsh chemicals (for effecting their artificial colouration on hair), which make our hair dry, rough and brittle with increasing premature greys. So, is there any organic hair colour or spa available in the market that can defend against hair damage and premature greying? If this question also bothers you, then this latest episode of Indus Valley Presents Beautiful Naturally with Saumya Tandon will give you all answers you need.

Adaa Khan, the famous style icon known for her trendy looks and style experiments, opens up about her oh-so-bad first spa experience and the common mistakes most salons make regarding their hair spa that can severely damage your colour treated hair. Just like us, Adaa also loves to try trendy hair colour shades, but with the much-needed haircare routine that every youngster needs to follow. In this episode, Adaa has shared some helpful do’s and don’ts (instructions) that we all need to follow to achieve the natural hair colour look without any damages or early greys. Excited to know? Then, just watch the show.

Do you know the root cause of premature greying? Yes, it is the harmful chemicals like PPD, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, etc., that come with all the generic chemical based hair colours. Dr. Ameesha Mahajan, a well-known Dermatologist, shares her expert opinion on this issue and reveals what every youngster needs to know about before selecting their natural hair colour for preventing hair damage and early greys. Not only this, she also solves the mystery of whether a natural hair spa is helpful for colour treated hair or not.

The dermatologist on the show explains how Indus Valley Organic Hair Colour & Spa with Essential Oils is a readymade and safest solution for those who have damaged chemically treated hair. The organic hair dye comes with the goodness of natural essential oils to nourish, condition and colour your hair without causing any damages or side effects. Its essential oils boost collagen production in the scalp that increases the production of melanin (the natural colour of our hair and skin) to defend against premature greying. Unlike other hair colours, this 100% organic hair colour comes without any traces of harsh chemicals like Ammonia, PPD and Hydrogen Peroxide (Bleach). So, it doesn’t trigger the process of premature greying in the first place. While it’s exotic herbal assemblage increases melanin production, thereby making your natural hair colour darker.

Dr Mahajan also revealed some common myths related to natural hair colour and its application to make people understand how it can be the safest solution for your natural hair. She also reveals that this organic hair colour & spa (available in 27 natural shades) is safe for pregnant women and lactating mothers too. Want to know how? Check out how this 100% pure and chemical-free organic hair colour and spa can be hugely beneficial to arrest your early greying and hair damage. Get all your answers related to hair colour damage and premature greying from the dermatologist on the show.

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