Ever Heard OF a Herbalized Hand Sanitizer? Try It, It’s Amazing

Ever heard of a herbalized hand sanitizer? Try it, it’s amazing.

The panic of coronavirus has made us more cautious about our common life choices—an activity that used to be instinctive and effortless before the onset. As per the health guidelines by WHO, we are supposed to use a hand sanitizer gel or spray, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and avoid moving out as much as possible. And, out of all these, using the hand sanitizer has been pitched as the primary weapon that can neutralize the deadly virus on our person. Hand sanitizer gel or spray was also used previously. Till before the pandemic people still relied on the good old soap and water wash. But now, due to the imposed urgency, we have to use it after every minor activity. The high demand has also pushed the sanitizer spray price in India, while many shops are showing it as temporarily out of stock. Companies are coming out with new brands and products claiming it to be the best alternative. While we, the consumers, are forgetting to check up on the backgrounds of the sanitizers we are purchasing? How does such repeated application of alcohol affect our skin? Are the chemicals only killing the viruses, or is there also a side effect that we cannot see as yet? If you haven’t thought about all of this then you must start now, before any permanent damage is caused to your skin.

How does a hand sanitizer gel work

A hand sanitizer can be foam or spray based formulation with 70% alcohol content. Alcohol can be an ethanol, isopropanol, glycerol, or any other kind of alcohol not harmful to human health. The alcohol helps in dissolving the germs, bacteria, and viruses and makes them inactive. This makes the hand sanitizer the only instant way to keep you away from the virus. But excess application of alcohol dries out the hands which may lead to bleeding, while some toxic chemicals can even cause you blindness.

Did you know that you could also make your own herbal hand sanitizer at home?

To avoid the chemical risks natural products are the only solution. Yes, alcohol is the main ingredient in any generic hand sanitizer that washes away germs and viruses, natural herbs can also do the same thing that too without causing your skin any harm. It will also be as effective as any other hand sanitizer gel while falling easy on your pocket too. You can make it easily at your home and you can also store it.

  • Take 100gm Neem and 15-20 leaves of Tulsi. The antibacterial properties of Neem and Tulsi protect you from germs and viruses and they are also easily available everywhere. Put 1 litre water in a pan and boil the leaves till the water is half absorbed. Strain it and keep the water.
  • Take some Alum (Fitkari) and camphor. Batter them to make a powder. Then add this powder into the boiled water. Keep aside and let it cool.
  • Take any old and empty sanitizer bottle and fill the herbal sanitizer in the bottle. Voila! You now have your own herbal hand sanitizer spray ready for use. You can carry it anywhere.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) have antibacterial properties which can easily finish off most of the harmful bacteria and viruses. You also don’t have to worry about damaging your skin. Using a regular hand sanitizer gel before having food can be also quite dangerous as it can mistakenly go inside your mouth, but the herbal hand sanitizer will cause no harm if that happens. Now, since a good sanitizer spray price in India falls anywhere between 200-1500 INR, the homemade herbal option turns out to be highly cost-effective.

Which is the best herbal hand sanitizer gel in India

According to popular users’ reviews, San’tize Hand Sanitizer Gel comes as an innovative blend of powerful sanitizing agents (75% Ethyl Alcohol) with organic herbal extracts of Aloe Vera, Rose Water, and Blueberry Fruit Juice. This makes it fall hard on germs and viruses, but nourishingly soft on your hands and skin. If you are not up to making your own herbal hand sanitizer at home, you can simply buy this herbal hand sanitizer gel online for just INR 250.00 (500 ml).

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