How to Choose the Best Damage-Free Hair Colour—Experts Reveal

hydrogen peroxide-free hair dyes

Thick glossy hair makes you look smart. You can style it up in any way you want. Apply the latest fashion trends and look unique in your own special ways. An indulgence majorly boosted over the last few decades since hair colouring acquired mainstream fashion status. So much so that today even school going kids are colouring up their hair. But what about the consequences of hair colouring? How has chemical hair dyes permanently destroyed the hair and scalp of millions around the world? Indus Valley’s new talk show, Beautiful Naturally with Saumya Tandon, is another step forward in educating the masses about the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide-free hair dyes and ammonia-free hair dyes. It intelligently gives us detailed arguments on why we must stop using chemical-based hair dyes altogether.

5 Ways How We Permanently Damage Our Hair

When it comes to hair colouring and fashion advice, who can be better than a fashion influencer? In this episode, Faby, the well-known social media beauty influencer and a makeup artist, gives up her closely guarded beauty secrets and some extremely valuable tips on how to choose an ammonia-free hair colour. Watch Faby dispense her personal tips and also her recommendations for a special damage-free hair colour brand that has become her personal favourite.

The well-known Dermatologist, Dr. Ameesha Mahajan, then joins in the discussion and together they give us a detailed list of extremely valuable dos and don’ts. We have listed the choicest 5 below, the rest you can watch on the show. Many more important tips will be shared in our forthcoming episodes as well, so stay tuned.

1) Never wash your hair with hot water

Nobody likes to have a cold-water shower in winters, but did you know that hot water can be harmful for your hair? When we wash our hair with hot water, the pores in the scalp get opened. This washes away the natural oil sebum that usually remains stored inside small sacs in the hair roots making our hair dull and brittle. As a result, we start experiencing more hair fall and the natural shine of the hair also goes away. That is why, whether winter or summer, you must always use lukewarm or normal water to wash your hair.

2) Say no to heat styling treatments

Whether it is about curling your hair or blow-drying them, heat produced by heat styling tools severely damages and weakens the hair shaft thereby causing more and more hair fall and damage with each such treatment. Minimize the usage of heat styling tools as much as possible to protect your hair from heat damage and to avoid split ends.

3) Hair oiling is very important

Due to our busy schedules, we often neglect the importance of hair oiling. But once a week, everyone must get their hair oiled with any good organic hair oil to condition the scalp and enhance blood circulation. Proper and regular hair oiling prevents hair damage by repairing and conditioning them from their roots up. Also, it strengthens the hair follicles to promote hair growth and to minimize hair fall.

4) Throw away that chemical hair colour

Your overall personality is not just about your hair colour, but about many more things. So don’t get stuck with the colour of your hair. Especially with the shiny vibrant ones offered by chemical hair dyes. Change the colour by all means. You can also try to look as much different as you want, but do it with a little bit of awareness. Throw away that shiny bottle that is promising you artificial looks, and go for something more sombre instead. Go for a damage-free hair dye that has no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide (bleach) in it, as both these chemicals actually destroy your hair.  Carefully read the ingredients that make up that new hair dye that you want to experiment with. Watch all our episodes to get detailed and complete information on how ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can permanently and severely damage your hair and scalp.

5) Choose a hair colour according to your skin tone and stay up with the latest fashion trends

One common mistake we all make while choosing a hair colour is neglect our skin tone. Not every colour suits your skin tone, and thus, while selecting a hair colour, you must choose according to your skin tone. If you have a fair skin tone, you can go for cool and light shades like ash blonde or ash brown. If you have a warm skin tone, try out the darker shades like dark brown, burgundy, etc. Watch how Faby gives her convincing arguments on this in the episode.

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