How To Look Extravagantly Masculine with a Damage Free Beard Colour?

The beard has always been on trend and it will stay on in fashion for long; a symbol of masculinity, as much as, say, the eyebrows are a sign of feminal beauty for women. The man’s beard, therefore, exudes the inner image of his glorious self like no other. With age, however, little streaks of grey start appearing. And each have their own ways of dealing with it. Some embrace it by flaunting a salt and pepper look, while some prefer to colour it up. Which is where an ammonia-free beard colour becomes a viable option—especially if you just want to colour it up for a fancy change, despite your greys. As, what can be better for doing that than using an ammonia-free, or a damage-free beard colour? You surely won’t regret it later!

Read on to learn how you can colour your beard with organically natural beard colours in the best ways possible.

Don’t make these 6 mistakes while colouring your beard:

If you got disappointed with the results of dyeing your beard with natural colours, then try these tips:

1) Are you washing the dye before it sets in?

Most beards develop in thickness and coarseness from ages 18-30. As the process of ageing happens, facial hair becomes coarse. Due to this, the absorption of the hair colour takes a longer time. To set the dye properly, it needs to sit for at least seven minutes. So, next time you apply your damage-free beard colour, make sure to not wash it out straight away. Let it sit for at least seven minutes or more. Ideally let it stay for atleast 30 minutes.

2) Are you selecting the right colour for your beard?

 In general, men dye their beards black to cover the greys, which doesn’t look good. In general, match the beard colour with that of your hair. But, choosing a lighter shade for your beard is recommended as going darker to match your hair colour is easy but going lighter is difficult to achieve. As a rule of thumb, choose the beard colour that matches the medium shade in your natural hair.

  • Do you know the importance of choosing an organic beard colour?

Chemical beard colours contain ammonia and lead, which are very harmful. Ammonia can damage your beard hair badly, causing your beard to dry out and become weak. Lead is also not safe for the skin and may cause many diseases, including cancer. Choose an ammonia-free beard colour or a lead-free beard colour that is safe for your health. Choose an organic beard colour enriched with natural herbs, which is mild, efficient and safe for colouring beard.

4) Are you ignoring your eyebrows?

If you notice grey hair appearing on your eyebrows, then don’t tweeze them out. Just start using beard colour on your eyebrows too so that it matches with your beard. This grooming hack will make the whole thing look more natural. Dip a Q-Tip into your beard colour and slowly touch from the shaft to the end of your eyebrows.

5) Are you colouring the unwanted areas too?

Apply some petroleum jelly or mineral oil on the edges of your beard to prevent the dye from staining your skin, the areas you don’t want to be coloured. Jelly not only provides a protective barrier for leakage, but it also helps in easy cleanup if colouring seeps into those unwanted places.

6) Is it essential to clean the excess colouring?

Not rinsing out the excess colour after it dries is another mistake that you must avoid while colouring your beard. While taking a shower, apply little shampoo to your beard and massage it with your fingers to remove the excess colour. It will help you to get a fresh and realistic look.

What is a damage-free beard colour?

A damage-free beard colour is an organic beard colour that comes packed with the goodness of organic herbs. The herbs will leave your beard healthy, shiny and soft, naturally, without causing any irreparable damages like making your beard hair rough and brittle.

What kind of herbs should you look out for in a damage-free beard colour?

A few herbs that you should look out for in your ammonia-free beard colour are:

Aloe Vera: Moisturises and adds shine

Jojoba: Combats dryness and softens beard hair

Coffee Bean: Contains flavonoids, improves beard texture, darkens the colour and adds softness

Sunflower: Rich in omega-9 fatty acid, protects against harmful UV rays and conditions beard hair

Wheatgerm: Vitamin-rich, repairs dry and damaged beard hair follicles

Henna: A natural colouring herb that also adds shine to the beard

Amla: Vitamin C stimulates an increase in collagen and melanin production, while strengthening beard hair

Basil: Anti-inflammatory properties cleanse the beard and prevent breakage

Do you have any queries that you would like to ask from our grooming and health experts? Just leave your comments below and we will get in touch with you. Till then—stay natural, stay handsome!

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