How to Select the Perfect Shade before Your First Hair Colour

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Before you take the step forward to colour your lovely tresses, there are several considerations from choosing the best hair colour brand, the perfect tint and much more to get the desired look.

Now, that you have finally decided to use organic hair colour, to change the appearance of your beautiful locks, herein is a concise guide to get charming glossy colouring experience.

  • Determine Your Skin Tone

One of the most important factors is to find the hair colour based on your skin tone.

Yes, the hair colour has a lot to do with your skin tone, the colour of your eyes etc. Without the perfect match, the entire effort can turn into an outlandish incident.

Before proceeding further or purchasing natural hair dye, it is necessary to determine your skin tone. The skin tone can be categorized as cool, warm or neutral.

How to determine the skin tone?

This is one big question for everyone. To find your skin tone take a small test.

Method 1: Step out in the sun and expose your skin for some time to the sunrays. If your skin gets tanned under the sun, it means it is warm skin tone and if it turns red, your skin tone is cool.

Method 2: Expose your wrist to the sunlight. The veins on the wrist will appear green if you have a warm tone. If the veins look blue, your skin tone is cool.

Note: If it is hard to determine the colour of veins in the sunlight, then it is a neutral skin tone.

  • Consider Your Eye Colour

The colour of the iris area of your eyes is also an important part of your overall appearance. Always make sure to consider this aspect when choosing the organic hair colour. For instance, the light blonde hair colour is a fabulous option if you have grey or blue eyes. However, if you have a dark complexion, consider mocha or dark brown shade to get a smart makeover.
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  • Permanent vs. Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Semi-permanent hair dye is relatively healthy for colouring your hair. They do not contain harsh bleaching agents to deposit the tints deep into the hair cuticles. The problem is that these colours fade away after a few washes. Permanent hair colours bleach your hair permanently giving long lasting results.

  • Going by the Expert Advice

While it is completely up to your decision when it comes to choosing the best shade for colouring your hair, but the expert advice is extremely helpful for informed decision-making.

Several professional colourists recommend choosing the hair colour matching your original shade of tresses. This may sound disheartening for many people who may have the desire to try something different. The professionals opine that even if you colour your hair, the difference in the underlying pigment may have an impact on the colour spoiling the new look and your money.

Hope that the above-mentioned guide has helped you in finding the right shade for buying natural hair dye. However, if you still have confusion, it is worth seeking professional advice from a hair stylist at the nearby salon. This will help in further understanding give you extra confidence to get started colouring your hair for the admirable styling.

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