Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour—A huge sigh of relief

Indus Valley Aqua Hair Colour—A huge sigh of relief

Do you get awful red rashes, horrible itches from excruciating dryness, swellings on your face and body from using hair colours? If yes, then you have a sensitive, allergy-prone skin and you must avoid using chemical hair dyes by all means. But worry not! You can still make your hair look absolutely stunning with vibrant colours. By using a chemical-free hair colour that is also a hypo allergic hair color. Watch this episode and know exactly how.

In today’s episode of Beautiful Naturally with Saumya Tandon, all die-hard fans of Rashami Desai, the beautiful TV actress, are up for a fabulous treat, as Saumya lights up the fire with some revealing tidbits from her experiences with hair colour. Rashami shares her childhood memories about how many of her relatives have also been suffering from hair dye allergies without any remedies.

Dr. Harindar Arya, the hypo allergic hair dye expert, then joins in the conversation. A director of the Institute of Natural & Modern Cosmetech, India, she adds her bit of science to the logic behind using a skin-pH friendly hair color. She adds strength to the conversation by sharing valuable information on how to avoid hair colour allergies by using a 100% botanical hair colour, in other words, a PPD-free hair dye.

What is Hair Dye Allergy and How it Harms the Skin and Hair?

When your scalp or forehead comes in contact with a chemical hair dye, the harmful chemicals present in the hair colour react adversely with your skin cells causing skin allergies, which we call hair dye allergies. Depending upon the extent of chemical applied and the skin type, hair dye allergies can be either slightly harmful or fatal. It isn’t necessary that hair dye allergies only happen when you get exposed to hair colour for the first time. It can happen on subsequent usage also. The symptoms of hair dye allergy can be all or any of the following:

  • Burning sensation on scalp, neck and face
  • Blisters or boils on scalp or anywhere on the body
  • Severe itching
  • Burning sensation in eyes
  • Swellings under the eyes or anywhere else on the body
  • Red rashes on scalp and body
  • Severe breathlessness

Which Component in Chemical Hair Dyes Causes Allergy?

Dr. Arya tells the audience about how PPD (paraphenylenediamine) is the primary ingredient in chemical based hair dyes responsible for allergies. PPD reacts with our skin cells and causes severe hair dye allergies.

To avoid hair colour allergies you must choose a no-chemical hair dye after carefully reading its ingredients. Avoid the hair colour that contains PPD or any of its derivatives.

Is There any Allergy-Free Hair Colour Available in the Market that Treats Hair Dye Allergies?

Indus Valley’s Aqua Hair Colour is a one-of-its-kind product that is not just an allergy-free hair color, but also repairs damaged hair and scalp. Highly recommended by Dr. Arya on the show, it comes as a huge relief to those suffering from hair colour allergies.

Made up of 8 organic and handpicked herbs, Aqua Hair Colour is certified to maintain a pH balance between 5 and 7, on a scale of 0 to 14. This matches with the pH value of the human skin, which lies anywhere between 4 and 7. While the pH values of chemical hair dyes hover around 9. It is also a vegan hair colour and a cruelty-free hair color.

The episode, as usual, ends with the distribution of Amazon gift vouchers won by contest winners from the previous episode. Join in the fun and discussion and share your insights as comments below.

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