Is Your Coconut Oil Coldpressed? Know Your Coconut Oil Better Before Using

Coconut and organic coconut oil

We all know the excellent benefits of coconut oil for our skin and hair. Coconut oil is in use from ages and has some great qualities in it. However very few are aware of the fact that coconut oil in the coldpressed form and coconut oil available in the refined form can make  a major difference to your skin and hair.

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Once You Know the major difference, you will surely be convinced to opt for the former option.

  • How Is It Made?

 coconut oil coldpressed

The cold pressed coconut oil is usually made in a heat controlled area. The environment in which it is made is always less than 120 degrees which reasons for its high quality and far better than the refined version of it. The refined coconut oil is usually processed above 350 degree temperature. Processing coconut oil in such high temperature decreases the quality of the oil. The nutrients that are available in a coconut oil like vitamin E and K, saturated fat, iron etc. are decreased in refined coconut oil. On the other hand in cold pressed oil, these nutrients are available in a great amount.

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For refined coconut oils, the process of heating above 400 degrees not only degrades the quality of the oil but also tampers it with deodorizing and bleaching processes.

  • Does The Flavors Differ?

The refined coconut oil gives you a nutty flavor because of being processed at high heat, whereas cold pressed coconut oil gives a normal natural flavor to you similar to the one that you get while having the coconut meat. You can add it in any dish or for your skin or hair care and it will give you that natural fragrance and taste.


Moreover the nutritional value of coldpressed coconut oil is that it brings along with it saturated fat, unsaturated fat, Vitamins E and K, iron, phenolic compounds. Since its boiling is done in low temperatures, thus it does not lose its nutritional content to the extent of refined oils.

When the coconut oil comes in a coldpressed version, you can definitely consider it to be unadulterated oil. Being made through an automated process, this oil definitely vouches to be purer and more natural in texture and content.

  • Multiple Uses That Coconut Oil Brings Along With It

The cold pressed coconut oil is high in fat and has several uses. It can be used for cooking, for skin care, hair care. You can use this as makeup removal oil as it removes the dirt and makeup easily from your skin along with that it even moisturizes your skin and helps to get rid of dry flaky skin. For hair it gives your hair all its nutrition and gives so many benefits to your hair. It conditions and treats your frizzy hair. Dandruff problem will be resolved by daily use of coconut oil and it will also enhance your hair growth.

Coconut oils

The cold pressed coconut oil is filled with a number of natural beneficial elements. It is also great oil to be used in cooking, for oil pulling, acts as a health supplement, beneficial for moisturizing and many more. The refined coconut oil has less nutritional value as compared to the cold pressed coconut oil.

Some great hacks that can be achieved with coconut oil and should be known for a great use of coconut oil are:

  • Work as a makeup remover: it is helpful to get rid of stubborn makeup and is even great for your skin. Eye makeup is really hard to be removed and using chemical based products for removing eye makeup is not good for the eyes. Coconut oil gently removes the makeup from eyes and skin and is a safer option.
  • Can be used as a great exfoliator for your skin: Add sugar in coconut oil and massage it all over your skin. It will remove the dead skin and give you a fresh glowy skin. Along this it will even moisturize the skin and make it soft.


  • A great option to get rid of frizzy hair: If you are having frizzy hair those go here and there and your hair entangles a lot coconut oil is a savior for you. Applying coconut oil on the ends of your hair and even all over your hair will make your hair frizz free and also detangle them easily. It will add a great shine to your hair too.
  • A natural Lip Balm: Apply coconut oil daily on your lips before going to your bed. It will treat your dry chapped lips and moisturize it well.
  • A beauty hack: You can use it as a highlighter use a drop of coconut oil apply it on your check bones and it will be a great highlighter for you. Applying this on your skin daily before sleeping at night will give your skin a glow.

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