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Is Your Deodorant Toxin-Free? Facts to Know before Buying Body Spray

Everyone needs a deodorant, perfume, or a body spray before stepping out of the home. Whether you are going to the office during the daytime or just out with the friends for a night show movie, it is vital to smell nice whenever at a public place.

However, if you are not using an organic product, it simply means your health is at stake. Choosing something with a nice aroma such as the lavender natural deodorant is a safer option. Read on to find more on toxins in chemical Deo sprays and sticks.

Always Choose Aluminum-Free Deodorants

Aluminum is one of the most harmful ingredients used in the majority of the chemical-based deodorants. You will find aluminum compounds mainly in antiperspirant deodorants to control sweating. They block sweating by clogging the pores on your armpit. Prolonged usage of such products can lead to health hazards such as Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer.

Artificial Colorants and Additives

Some deodorants may contain low-cost chemicals such as methylene chloride, acetone, alcohol, silica, ethanol, and others, largely used for adding color, fragrance, etc. Silica contaminated with crystalline quartz can cause itching and irritation to your skin and even related to cancer threats. Additionally, these chemicals can cause breathlessness, dizziness, kidney damage and other serious health hazards.

If you are applying the 100% herbal lavender natural deodorant stick, you are safe as it contains essential oils and lavender extracts, glycerin and other organic ingredients that won’t cause any health problems.

Are You Using Deodorant Free of Parabens?

Nowadays, you can find a lot of products with parabens- a chemical to inhibit bacterial and mold formation in cosmetics.

According to cosmetologists, the parabens can penetrate the skin tissues and stays there for a long time. They function similarly like the estrogen hormone. Increase in estrogen levels in the body may result in breast cancer, weight gain, infertility due to complications in the reproductive system, etc.

Do not Conceal Body Odor- Treat it Naturally

Some deodorants contain hydrogen peroxide to reduce body odor. The compound can cause skin rashes, irritation, leaving scars on the application area.

Most botanicals-based deodorant products contain natural soda to combat bacterial growth on the sweating armpits. Using the lavender natural deodorant roll-on stick will help to control body odor without blocking excessive sweating. It will keep your kidneys functioning properly without the discomfort of foul-smelling issues throughout the day.

Why Should You Avoid Using Alcohol Deodorants?

The dermatologists opine that the alcohol in your Deo sprays burns the skin tissues causing pigmentation on the highly sensitive underarm areas, itching, swelling, redness, etc. It is always safe to use non-alcoholic deodorants that are mild on your skin but give long-lasting fragrance with natural extracts and essential oils.

The perfumes and body sprays for women generally contain ingredients to spread a mild aroma. Girls should strictly avoid men’s deodorants, as people are likely to notice the difference causing embarrassment at public places, office, or college. If you are too confused about choosing the best one, it is worth trying the sweet-scented lavender natural deodorant or something similar to get noticed and appreciated all around

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