3 Easy Haircare Tips You Should Definitely Follow During Winters

haircare for winter

The winter season is quite a difficult phase for hair and skin. You need to pay extra attention to cracked heels, dry, cracking skin and parched face. While we devote all our notice to skincare, we often forget the necessities of our hair. Well, the result is, our hair texture keeps deteriorating. It becomes frizzy with an itchy and dry scalp.                                So to tame our hair, it is important to follow the correct methods and techniques for a healthy and shining texture even during the winters.


Never Let the Moisture Go Away From Your Hair

We often forget how important it is to maintain the moisture content of the hair. Frequent head wash with shampoos makes your hair prone to dryness and its moisture is lost.Since, the weather is dry during this time; our hair demands an extra degree of attention. So it is significant to oil your hair regularly. However at the same time, the oil you should use shouldn’t be too greasy to make your scalp oily. The best solution is to go for almond oil, which not only provides essential nourishment to your scalp but also makes sure that your hair does not become greasy or excessive oily.

Woman combing her wet hair
Woman combing her conditioned hair

Always Keep Your Hair Conditioned

Conditioning your hair is a quintessential rule of winters. In case if you are applying shampoo and not using a conditioner, then you are definitely on the wrong path of hair care. In fact, going for a spa during the winters fortnightly is also equally important. However, this might turn out to be an expensive affair and hence it is important to find a substitute for experiencing a spa session at home. You can either go for natural ingredients for the Spa or you can go for a readymade Spa Cream that is usually available in the market. Apply the Cream and keep your hair wrapped with a warm towel for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water and apply 2-3 drops of serum on the hair.

Try To Relax Your Hair With Weekly Massage


It is important to keep your scalp relaxed and stress-free and hence weekly massage is important for the rejuvenation of your senses. Usually if you heat 3-4 Tablespoons of coconut oil and massage it thoroughly once in a week, it will not only calm your scalp but also keep you relaxed and stress-free. Well, always try to use a coldpressed, extra-virgin coconut oil rather than refined oil that nourishes the health of your hair and keep you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

With these handy tips at your ease, taking care of your hair even during the harshest winters is no longer a difficult task.

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