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Mother's Day 2019

Mothers are justifiable diva”. They precisely gave you the gift of life, fed you, pulled all-nighters when you were sick and taught you most of the valuable stuff you know. That’s not sufficient, they continue to love, up bring and inspire you with no assumption in return.

Delighting mom is what Mother’s Day is all about! Tea in bed or brunch at a nice restaurant is a good way to start her day. “Happiness is not something readymade. It appears from your own behavior” is a well-known quote said by Dalai Lama. So why not thank your mother in your life and make them feel happy and special with natural, organic and eco-friendly skin and hair Products of “Indus Valley” family.

Mother’s love is never-ending and unquestionable. A mother’s inclination to protect her offspring begins from the point she knows she is pregnant.  Just show the same love and protectiveness she had always shower on you. While you can’t buy love, you can surely buy her something natural and pure products for skin and hair that will make her pampered and beautiful.

Indus Valley products are 100% organic products. The Face care “Lightening and Brightening with Rose and Sandalwood” is an affordable way to introduce your mum to the wonders of the glowing, brighter and youthful skin. The coconut delivers soft and silky skin and the rosewater and sandalwood offers smoothening to the skin, cleanses the dirt, remove excess oil and make her skin radiant. Presence of mother around you is not less than incense. A fragrance announcing her welcome arrival sense like an angel by my side,
to smell heaven.  Why not, gift her natural antiperspirant deodorants that keep her refreshing all day. Lavender natural deodorant and Lemongrass natural deodorant is a natural deo stick that gives long-lasting fragrance. Free from parabene and unsafe ingredients. Comes in the fragrance of lemongrass, lavender, unscented for people allergic to fragrance.

Motherhood is a full-time job. She works 24/7, 365 days a year for every person around her. It takes great repletion in working hard and investing her time, energy, and heart into what she does. So, host her with hydrating “Aloe Vera Gel” that gives her face and skin refreshing glow internally. Being purely organic in nature helps in curing scars, acne, delays skin aging and prevent wrinkles.

  • Non-sticky in nature
  • Contains vitamin E, vitamin C
  • Brings cooling effect to sunburns.

Face packs are also another stress relieving concoctions giving your mom’s skin a treat she will truly love. Sandalwood face pack, Multani Mitti, kaolin powder is the natural packs and clays to meet her skin and hair care needs. Without any presence of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. Gives a smooth texture to your skin.

  • Helps in scrubbing, cleansing, cooling and refreshing the skin.
  • Moisturize your skin, enhance complexion and improve it internally.
  • Gives a refreshing aroma.
  • Rosewater helps in controlling excess oil.

The face pack is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, so it’s an ethical investment.

Her first break season is a time for bash, but it’s also a moment to help her relax, indulge, and make her job a little easier. Decide to give up styling to her hair by gifting her organic hair color that is made up of natural ingredients like henna, amla, indigo, Brahmi leaf powder that provides luminous hair texture. Controls the premature graying of hair.

Let her flaunt her hairs in a bright and shiny way. It’s HER day. She is worth more than diamond and golds. She is a treasure to behold.

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