Night Face Cream – Best Kept Secret of Anti-Aging Skin Care

anti aging night care cream

Does your skin really need night cream and are they really different from day creams? Many women use same cream for their morning and night routine. They can use different creams for morning and night as they differ a lot in their skin benefits. Let us understand the benefits of night cream and the way to choose right night cream for your skin.

Skin Benefits of Night Cream

Night creams have higher content of emollients so are better moisturizer and ultra-hydrates. Those with dry skin must choose night cream,, however those who have normal skin my also choose any of the night care cream as well.

  • Night creams may contain retinol, salycilic acid and glycolic acid that help in improving skin tone. This eventually diminishes the fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It soothes your face.
  • It Can Make Your Skin Soft and Supple.
  • It helps in better blood circulation.
  • Can renew skin dead cells and nourish the skin.
  • Night cream can boost the skin collagen.
  • Can give fine texture to our skin and ensure even complexion.
  • Night cream supplies moisture to the dry part of your skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • It can decrease aging look of your skin.

Natural Night Cream

You should choose the best night cream for your skin. This is quite crucial and you should try not to choose a night cream that is too thick. Thick night creams can clog your skin pores and allow it to breathe. Choose a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic night cream for your skin.

How Night Cream Works?

It is said by experts that night care cream is absorbed in better way in night than during dat. The regeneration power of skin is higher in night than during the day. Night cream can clear off the dirt particles from the face cells and prevent tissue damage. Thus it can be said that night cream cannot only keep your skin nourished but also repair the damaged cells as well.

All natural ingredients used in Indus valley night cream makes it suitable for all types of skin. Its major ingredients are Peptides, Amino acids, honey, and vitamin A, E, and C, Aloe Vera, Jasmine.

Indus-Valley-Pure-Natural-Kashmiri Night Cream

How to Use Night Cream?

To get complete effect of night cream you should use it in proper manner. By following proper procedure you can get complete effects. Here are some steps that should be followed while applying night care cream of the face:

  • Wash the Face before Night Cream Application.
  • Take small amount of cream that is Sufficient for your Face.
  • Apply it in circular and upward direction while Massaging on your Face.
  • Do not apply the cream on eye-lids.


As now you have known all benefits of the night cream, so can apply it on your face especially before going to the bed. You can apply Indus valley night cream and get perfect and rejuvenating skin in few days. To get better result follow the instructions.

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