No parlour, No Chemicals. Now Look Festive Right at Home With a Natural Hair Dye.

No parlour, No Chemicals. Now Look Festive Right at Home With a Natural Hair Dye.

The festive season is here. And this is the time when each one of us wants to look the best. We take extra care of our hair and skin for a natural and glowing look. Coming to the hair; the demand for hair smoothening, hair coloring increases during the festive season. Parlors start announcing discount packages to attract the customers. Apart from the discounted price do we notice what products they would be using on us? Mostly, they use chemical-based products on your hair which can damage your hair and cause you many skin problems. But, that doesn’t mean you have no other choice. A natural hair dye is all you need.

  1. The best natural hair dye has zero chemicals. It is only made up of natural herbs and some essential oils that will keep your hair away from damage. In fact, half of the ingredients could be found at home. But not everyone has the time to make a mixture themselves. So, you can use the pre-packed natural hair dye that is available in the market. Read the ingredient list before you purchase and confirm that it is 100% natural.
  2. Henna is used as a hair dye for generations. But there are many other ways to naturally dye your hair as well. Also, the result of these natural hair dyes depends on your base hair color and the quality of your hair. Also, to check whether you are allergic to the hair color you must do a 48-hour patch test before application.
  3. The best natural hair dye can be made using the spices available at home, vegetables, tea, etc. These can be easily applied and are semi-permanent in nature. It will also benefit your hair and scalp by making it healthy. Here are a few natural hair dyeing tips:

Organic Coffee: To get a dark natural hair dye in chocolate tone use brewed coffee and mix it with your conditioner. Make sure to make strong coffee such as espresso. Do not use non-organic coffee because it has chemicals added to it.

Another coffee tip is to wash your hair with brewed coffee. Rest it for 20 mins and then rinse with apple cider vinegar.

Black Walnuts:
Crush the walnuts according to the darkness you want on your hair and keep it in boiling water. Leave it for some time then apply on your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash your hair.

: You can make another best natural hair dye by adding rosemary to boiling water. Stain the herbs and apply on your hair.

Make a strong back tea. Apply it on your hair and keep it for one hour before rinsing.

To get a yellow highlighting effect, dip the chamomile tea bag in boiling water for half an hour and rinse it off. You can also add turmeric to this tea for better results.

If you apply juice on your hair it will give you the effect of natural bleach.

  1. As all of them are natural ingredients it might not work as quickly as the chemical-based products do. So, you need to keep on applying them for a few days to get your desired natural hair dye Also, it won’t be difficult to remove the color when you wish to remove it.

This festive season gets your best look sitting at home without wasting money on your parlour that can also damage your hair in the long run. Remember that natural is always better. Your beauty will only get enhanced if you keep following natural beauty routines. Choose the best natural hair dye of your choice and enjoy the festivities to the fullest without worrying about anything.

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