Happy Republic Day 2019

Remember Golden Heritage of Our Nation, this Republic Day With Indus Valley

It’s time to remember the great Indian warriors, who contributed to the present-day constitution and forms the integrity of our nation.

On this special occasion of Republic Day, Indus Valley’s come out with a special offer.

This offer consists of a Combo-pack of 5 products, which are: Hair Eaze spa, Orange Peel Powder, Fairness Cream, Aloe Vera Gel, and Coconut Oil. These are some of the finest and most useful products in the market to get an outstanding beauty lifestyle. These products will only help in making the skin and hair attractive.

Indus Valley wishes you a Happy Republic Day.

Let’s have a look at these products one by one in a broader way:-

Natural Care for Skin

  • Indus Valley Hair Eaze Spa: As the name suggests, it is one of the best products in the market to make the hair bouncy. The extra tangles, which often occur in the hair are prevented by this mask. This is one of the genuine products in terms of its authenticity and usage. It even moisturizes the hair from its roots and makes them strong. Apart from this, it has an easy application and long-lasting effects.

Indus Valley Hair Eaze Spa contains some of the finest ingredients, which are natural and organic. It helps in making hair glossier and more voluminous. It is silky in texture and it simplifies the process of application. The natural ingredients it contains are Wheatgerm extract, Almond oil. It is extremely useful for getting a smooth and silky finish to the hair.

  • Bio Organic Orange Peel Powder: Next product that will help you out in this winter season is the Orange Peel Powder. It contains the aroma and extracts of Orange and making itself the best face mask. Being prepared directly from the fresh leaves, it gives a shiny glow to the face and thus, makes the skin vibrant like never.

Apart from having herbal constituents, Bio Organic Orange Peel Powder is a pure product, which does not include any chemical. And it’s regarded as the best hair color in the market for getting a perfect facial look. It’s used on both hair and skin. It is a bio-organic herbal powder In order to get a shiny glow in this chilling atmosphere, the use of this powder is a must.

  • Indus Valley Fairness Cream: As it is the season of winter, there are very high chances of that the skin will become dry and humid. So, there comes the need of a perfect cream that can look after it. So, the role of fairness cream comes into the picture. Thus, Republic Day Celebration should do with a charming and glowing face. The men should not worry about their rough skin on this republic day.

Indus Valley Fairness Cream is highly effective and has strong effects on the skin. It heels the skin from the bottom and makes it look young and fresh. It hydrates the skin up to the deepest layer. The natural ingredients it contains are Dead Sea Water and Green Tea. People of varied age group especially men can apply this cream directly to the skin and can make the skin vibrant and dynamic in looks. Being easy in application, it empowers the skin. It can protect the skin from the coldness of this harsh winter.

  • Indus Valley AloeVera Gel: Celebrate the republic day with the essence of aloe vera Gel and makes your skin charming. It gives a unique glow to the facial skin. It is a special gift on this historic occasion to your skin and hair. It is one of the best gels, which moisturize the skin and it is even helpful in case of providing beautiful hair.

Indus Valley AloeVera Gel hydrates the skin and brings a unique glow to the skin and makes the skin look dynamic like never. You can even wear this amazing shiny gel on your head to make you look stunning and attractive. This is one of the phenomenal products and best suits for the winter season.

  • Indus Valley Coconut Oil: You may celebrate Republic Day in India with a cheerful mood with Coconut oil as it is one of the best oils in the market for hair care. It gives a shiny look to the hair. Being an Extra Virgin Cold Pressed in nature, it enriches the fatty acids and they’re secreted with antioxidant contents and makes a perfect glow.

Indus Valley Coconut Oil even tackles various skin related issues like soothing of dry hands, cheekbone highlighting, eye makeup removal, moisturizing the skin and many more. It consists of some of the finest ingredients like Coconut, which is hard to find in the natural surroundings. And, thus, it is extremely useful for making the skin look different from the normal. It keeps the hair and skin shiny.

This Republic Day Celebration should start with the transformation of your entire look and it’s time to remember the various freedom fighters that fought for the nation and made it an independent nation. It is the day when our constitution’s implemented.

To make this day special, Indus Valley has come out with an attractive offer to mark the glorious shine on your face and hair. You can even plan to gift this offer to your dear ones to spread love and happiness out there. These products are one of the best in the market in terms of availability and usage. Indeed, it is recommendable to buy this marvelous combo this Republic Day in India and make yourself feel special and happy.

Thus, these are some of the products, which you can purchase for the well-being of your beauty. The combo comes out to be useful for your skin and hair.

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