Restore Your Natural Locks With PPD Free Hair Colour

We all are aware of the availability of harsh chemicals in the hair colorant products. Ammonia, PPD, Hydrogen Peroxide are some of the potential chemicals present in the synthetic hair dyes. They are known to evoke hair complications, skin allergies, asthma, and cancer. In fact, those having sensitive skin are strictly recommended to use only […]

Nourish Your Hair by Using Ayurvedic Hair Colour

There are a number of hair color brands which are used by us to cure premature graying of hair or to change the natural color of our hair. Every other day new colors are brought to market by the cosmetic companies and due to the highly known brand names people buy them and use them. […]

Hair Colour for Natural Tinting

Bring Indus Valley Hair Colour for Natural Tinting Experience

Our hair reflects our overall personality and appearance that makes us unique from the group of people. A person always wants to look young and beautiful. In order to enhance the natural beauty, most of the individuals use vibrant hair colorant products to give unique and appealing shade to the locks. In fact, women are […]