Coconut and organic coconut oil

Is Your Coconut Oil Coldpressed? Know Your Coconut Oil Better Before Using

We all know the excellent benefits of coconut oil for our skin and hair. Coconut oil is in use from ages and has some great qualities in it. However very few are aware of the fact that coconut oil in the coldpressed form and coconut oil available in the refined form can make  a major […]

3 Best Proven Herbs For Hassle-Free Skin & HairCare At Home

Herbs are the best treatment for a person’s skin and hair. They give you a treatment that chemical products also give you but! They don’t cause harm to your skin and hair as the chemical products do. I hope nobody wants to give their skin or hair that harsh treatment. Some great herbs that will […]

Now Parlor Like Scrubbing is Possible At Your Home With This Natural Flower Powder

Imagine using an easily available flower for your scrubbing purposes? Scrubbing is an essential part of all our daily beauty routines. We all use scrubbers at least twice a week to get a glowing, supple skin and to make our skin dirt-free. However in this process we make ourselves  switch to toxic cosmetic scrubbers. Nothing […]