The Best and Safest Hair Color For Lactating And Pregnant Mothers

Who said pregnant and lactating mothers need to sacrifice their ardent wishes and desires for hair color only for the sake of their baby? Do you fall in the said category who feels that it has been ages since you coloured your hair?
Well, we cannot deny the fact that yes life changes with pregnancy and in such phases of pregnancy and lactation a little restriction does get imposed for the well being of your cute little baby. How about rocking the pregnancy and lactation periods in style, as you opt for the best organic hair dye?
Indus Valley provides for the best ayurvedic hair care solutions and their range of botanical hair colours is quite a feather in Indus Valley’s cap. They have already created a popular name in terms of the safest hair colour that is available in the market today.

Lactating And Pregnant Mothers
Why Do You Need To Choose Indus Valley’s Ayurvedic Hair Colours?

A number of points can be enlisted under this segment in consideration of the specific demands of lactating and pregnant mothers.

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Till date, he said mothers were advised to not go in for hair colours during the phase of pregnancy and lactation. The chemicals in the hair colours like Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonia, PPD do have harmful effects on the lactating and pregnant mothers and also their little ones. The pungent odor that Ammonia has, leads to breathing problems among individuals, therefore with such ill effects the chemical hair colours did make their entry into the list of restrictions for pregnant and lactating periods.


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In relation, Indus Valley’s botanical hair colours are most importantly free from the harmful effects of the chemicals and thus make for the best organic hair dye.
Pregnancy, lactation period following child birth, affects a women’s health in a variety of ways. Although it is one of the best phases of a woman’s life, but majority of the women face the problem of hair loss majorly. Indus Valley hair colours being the best natural hair dye, also takes care of the proper nourishment of the hair in the said cases. This range of botanical hair colours combines the rarest of herbs that works wonders in terms of complete hair care.

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Indus Valley Botanical hair colours are the safest hair colour for they are 100% chemical free and is infused with rare herbs like Madder, Fenugreek, Brahmi, Natural Henna, Chamomile that provides for essential nourishment of the hair with their individual values in terms of hair care.
This range of hair colours has attained the global certifications like USDA Organic, ECOCERT to mention a few. You can trust Indus Valley with their Ayurvedic hair colours for they are hypoallergenic in nature while providing for the best herbal natural hair dye.

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It is certified that their range of hair colours are 100% Natural and organic . These hair colours do not penetrate into the hair shafts for the matter, rather coats the hair shafts with a protective layer and also adds volume to the hair.

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