The ultimate list of Father’s Day gift ideas for 2018

With the arrival of the month of June every year, it ushers in the season of celebrating the international Father’s Day. In life, we come across many a father figures who have been torchbearers in the walk of life. An important consideration that can be raised here is, that is Father’s Day meant to be celebrated only with our ‘biological fathers’? If you believe that you need to resist this notion and extend this to the father figures in your life, as the all-embracing Father’s Day notion, then we suggest doing so with exclusive combinational hampers and gifts. This Father’s Day send Father’s Day exclusive hampers to the special fatherly figures in life. In keeping up with the spirit of the upcoming celebrations of the special day, Indus Valley is here with their exceptional hamper that makes for an absolutely exclusive choice to make your Dad feel special. Avail their services as they are here to help you with the choice of out of the box hampers that make for one of its kind selections. Make these people feel special as you acknowledge their contribution to your life while ushering in Father’s Day with the right kind of spirit.

Do away with the traditional Father’s Day Gifts like flowers, cards, cakes and instead this year choose to opt for certain products that come with a host of additional benefits. How about opting for the natural deodorant for men or the aloe vera gel for face that also can be used as the aloe vera gel for skin? What if we tell you that you could gift him something as beneficial as that of a beard oil that can also be used as a hair vitaliser? How about opting for the organic range of gifts like the natural deodorant for men? A Dad’s love is pure and let purity be the mark of the gifts as you choose to go in for the range of herbal products that Indus Valley features under its name.

It isn’t without reasons that we state that among the different natural deodorant for men or the aloe vera gel for face or the aloe vera gel for skin that are doing the rounds in the present, it is Indus Valley that makes for the best choice in the said context. Indus Valley has spoken for their brilliant revival of the ancient Ayurveda with that of the modern-day requirements. Owing to their excellent range of organic products, like the natural deodorant for men etc. they follow extremely strict policies of quality control and it is always best to opt for their products for the following reasons:

  • The completely organic range of products.
  • Contains no dangerous chemicals, harsh metals, pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides or any kind of synthetic additives for the matter.
  • Made from premium quality herbs, plant extracts and other essential oils that are known for their beneficial goodness in the respective context.
  • Owing to its completely organic essence, their products are suitable for application on all skin kinds.
  • Are free from any kind of side effects.

Now, with these advantages to its credit, isn’t it best to opt for their range of botanicals? How would it be if we tell you that for the special occasion of Father’s Day they are featuring an exclusive hamper that contains the natural deodorant for men, aloe vera gel for face or the aloe vera gel for skin as you could call it and the beard and mooch oil and guess what? This three in one exclusive combinational hamper is priced at just Rs. 999 and in addition, it has a travel pouch absolutely free.

Here we get you the details of the natural deodorant for men, the beard oil and the Aloe Vera gel that shall all the more speak for the one of its kind hamper that Indus Valley has brought forth in celebration of this Father’s Day.

Indus Valley Wicked Cool Natural Deodorant’

‘Indus Valley Wicked Cool Natural Deodorant’ makes for an organic deo stick that is completely chemical free and works as the natural deodorant for men. It contains no damaging chemicals, no dangerous metals, no Aluminium, no Alcohol and no synthetic additives for the matter that might lead to damaging effects with the different side effects and allergies. This Paraben free excellent Deodorant comes with odour capturing formula that helps to provide for a 12-hour long-lasting fragrance. Makes for a Bio-Natural product that comes in natural flavored fragrance. The major advantage in case of the Wicked Cool natural deodorant for men happens to be the completely organic composition as it is specially made with certified ingredients only that are Halal certified. This is made of completely Herbal ingredients of premium quality to strike for the best results in this respect. It is specially enriched with the essential goodness of natural components like herbs, plant extracts and other essential ingredients like Aloe Vera leaf juice, Chamomile Flower extracts etc. With natural ingredients as its main constituents, it comes with the long-lasting impact that helps to keep one fresh and odour free round the clock. The ‘Indus Valley Wicked Cool Natural Deodorant’ makes for the Doctor recommended natural deodorant for men that is certified to be completely safe with its skin-friendly ingredients and has no side effects to its credit for the matter. This natural deodorant for men is suitable for application on all skin kinds, including that of sensitive skin as well.

Directions For Use:

  • Clean your armpits during shower
  • Pat it dry with the help of a towel
  • Apply the roll on Wicked Cool deo stick evenly over your underarm region
  • Let it dry for some time around 5-10 minutes
  • Once done, put on your clothes for the best long-lasting effects of natural flavored fragrance that helps do away with body odour in an effective manner.

 ‘Indus Valley Grow out Beard And Hair Oil’:

How about gifting the Father figures in life some exceptional product that helps groom them in the best possible manner? How about a beard and mooch oil that can also function as an effective hair stimulant? Can you imagine how happy and delighted will the receiver be when he finds a neatly wrapped combinational hamper that features this excellent beard and hair oil? This completely amazing beard oil has been specially formulated as the ideal hair oil men can opt for as the best two-in-one solution that functions as the best beard growth cream that can also be used as the hair stimulant. This helps make the beard and mooch soft by enhancing its growth and doing away with hair breakage in the endeavor. The essential goodness of the beneficial effect of eight most beneficial certified herbs that this men’s beard and hair solution contains, can not only be used as the best beard oil that is available in the present among the best beard products, but also can be used as the ideal hair oil for men. Among the beard care products and beard grooming products, where this men’s beard oil leaves its exclusive mark is in the completely organic composition that renders it among the best beard growth products. It has been specially formulated with certified ingredients only. The essential goodness of the beneficial components helps to provide the vital nutrients to the hair follicles that thus, provides for the proper nourishment of the same which naturally stimulates facial hair growth. This super beneficial hair and beard oil work as the ultimate grooming kit for men.

Directions For Use:

  • Take a few drops of this completely organic beard oil on your palm and apply it throughout your beard in an even manner
  • Leave it for some hours or for a day
  • Rinse it off thoroughly with water either after 2-3hours or the next day
  • You can also apply it at night before going to bed and rinse it off thoroughly the next morning
  • For best results, apply it on a regular basis.

Indus Valley Bio Organic Aloe Vera Gel’:

Be it cuts or bruises or be it an aftershave gel, this makes for the best aloe vera gel for face or the aloe vera gel for the skin as you would prefer using it. This Father’s Day, gift the Father figures in your life this box of organic goodness that comes with a plethora of benefits. From doing away with sunburns to that of treating dull and damaged tresses, Aloe Vera is known to work as the magical cure in the said cases. It is important that you opt for the best aloe vera gel for face and the aloe vera gel for skin that can boast of as having no synthetic additives and it makes for a completely safe and organic gel in the purest form. In this case, Indus Valley makes your task easy as it gets you the all natural and completely pure form of Aloe Vera gel and this most beneficial ‘Indus Valley Bio Organic Aloe Vera Gel’ makes for the completely pure kind of Aloe Vera gel that is available in the present and this exceptional gel is known to work magic in terms of skin and hair care. The Aloe Vera gel makes for this nongreasy moisturizer that is capable of penetrating even to the deepest layers of the skin that helps yield smooth, soft and healthier skin in an effective manner. Aloe Vera gel is known to do away with skin inflammations in the most natural manner as it contains beneficial hormones like Gibberellins and Auxin. It combats skin aging being a rich source of a variety of antioxidants including, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and E that helps to improve the skin’s natural firmness and further keeps the skin hydrated while giving it a natural youth boost.

It leaves behind a rejuvenating impact on the skin. The Aloe Vera Gel is known to function as a natural solution that comes with soothing effects that effectively renders it with healing properties and therefore owing to its essential goodness, this Aloe Vera gel helps treat a number of problems like itching, psoriasis, and eczema right from the ancient times of Indian Ayurveda. This best aloe vera gel for face and the aloe vera gel for skin provides the natural remedy for sunburn cure and Aloe Vera Gel is also effective for burns and blisters owing to its healing properties at the epithelial level of the skin. It acts as a protective layer on the skin and its nutritional and antioxidant qualities help the skin heal faster. This completely organic Aloe Vera gel for face makes for an amazing alternative can comes with natural properties to function as the ideal after shave gel that is directed at effective after shave treatment and in the endeavor helps heal minor bruises and cuts in the process. It is perfect even for oily skin as well. This one jar of the highly beneficial Aloe Vera gel comes with innumerable benefits to put it precisely.

Directions For Use:

For Cuts And Burns: Simply apply the Aloe Vera gel on the affected areas for a healing effect.

A Moisturiser: Apply ‘Indus Valley Bio Organic Aloe Vera Gel’ like any other moisturizer on the skin and let it work wonders for the same.

For Scars, Stretch Marks And any Other Marks: Apply a sufficient amount of Aloe Vera gel on the face or skin and massage it gently in a circular motion on a daily basis for best results.

This Father’s Day spread organic happiness as you opt for this exceptional hamper that Indus Valley features in celebration of the day.

This 17th of June spread cheer, love, and joy as you gift this exceptional, unconventional and out of the box organic hamper.

Here’s wishing you some amazing moments of preciousness with the father figures in life this Father’s Day.

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