Things to Know When Choosing Ayurvedic Colour for Your Hair

herbal henna for hair

Everyone urge to find the best hair colour matching the skin tone and cover the ugly gray strands of hair. However, when choosing a dye or herbal henna for hair, there are several things to consider. It is very important to ensure the ingredients in your product give perfect long lasting shine, the required tint without causing any damage or thinning the hairlines.

Thankfully, choosing the best henna for hair is a reliable solution to get the desired color tone, matching your persona, style statement and of course colour the gray hairs completely. Before buying an organic color for your hair, here are some facts to know so that you get the best results every time.

Not Every Ayurvedic Hair Color is 100% Chemical Free

One of the most common mistakes buyers make while purchasing beauty products is that they trust the word- ‘Herbal’ or ‘Organic’ on the packet. However, your popular herbal product may contain toxic chemicals or synthetic preservatives that may cause allergic reactions, hair fall and other scalp damage issues.

Check the ingredients very carefully before choosing your natural hair color. Products manufactured with 100% natural colouring components are safe especially for people with hypersensitivity, dry to weak hairs problems.

Natural Coloring Ingredients Keep Your Hair and Scalp Healthy

Henna and Amla (Indian gooseberry) are two important bio-organic extracts best known to give lustrous color to your hair. Both Amla and herbal henna for hair bestow strength to the roots and follicles. However, using pure henna to get the brown tinge can dry out your hair after prolonged usage. Some trusted brands, therefore, blend jojoba oil (a rich source of Vitamin B-complex, E- helpful in damage control and moisturization) and aloe vera to provide the perfect hydration, softness and glow.

Herbal henna colour

Choosing Between Gel and Powder Based Herbal Hair Colors

Both ayurvedic gel and powder-based hair colour products are safe for use. Before you decide, there are certain things to consider to be absolutely sure.

Gel products are composed of 90% bio-organic ingredients and 10% mild ingredients to minimize the damage. Powder-based herbal hair colours are 100% natural containing henna, indigo plant extracts or similar other elements best suited for permanent hair colouring. The powder products are suitable for hypoallergenic users.

Today ayurvedic gel hair colours are widely popular among women due to the availability of a range of shades, easy application, safety, and lasting results. The available colour options are comparatively less if you want to go with powder-based henna.

Is It Safe to Purchase Herbal Henna Hair Color Online?

Nowadays, there are several brands selling cosmetic products online. Reliability is often the key factor for the buyers when it comes to choosing the best henna for hair colouring. Not all products are safe for use or meet the quality standards raising safety concerns. To be sure, here are some ways to find if the concerned product is safe for use.

  • Purchase doctor recommended products only
  • Check the ingredients on the package to find if the hair colour is entirely made of natural ingredients
  • Check customer testimonials to know about the real user experience

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