This Common Kitchen Ingredient Can Be Your Secret To Soft & Silky Hair

Fenugreek is commonly known as an excellent remedy for dandruff, but not all of us are aware of its amazing benefits in the arena of hair care. Fenugreek can work wonders in terms of hair care from aiding hair growth to that of treating dull and damaged hair in the most effective manner.

fenugreek powder for hair

We here get you listed the lesser known benefits of fenugreek for hair and with such amazing advantages to its credit, fenugreek is sure to find a place in your hair care routine of everyday life.

Fenugreek Prevents Premature Greying:

  • In the ancient times, Fenugreek powder was used to prevent premature greying of the hairs in the most natural manner.
  • Fenugreek has certain qualities that help the hair to retain its pigment and it contains Potassium which delays the greying of the hair strands.
  • Make a paste of fenugreek and curry leaves and apply it evenly throughout the length of the hair and leave it at least for 30 minutes before you wash it off with cold water with a mild shampoo.

fenugreek powder for hair growth

Fenugreek Stimulates Hair Growth:

  • Not all of us are aware that Fenugreek can actually help to promote hair growth.
  • Fenugreek is rich in hormones and also in Nicotinic Acid which helps to stimulate hair growth.
  • Mix Fenugreek powder with coconut oil and boil the mixture oil. Apply the warm oil on the scalp and message it gently. Leave it for 40-45 minutes before you wash it off with a mild shampoo.

Fenugreek Helps To Rejuvenate The Hairs:

  • From dull and damaged hair to frizzy hair, to that of detangled and weak hair, Fenugreek works as the ultimate remedy.
  • Fenugreek contains an emulsifying substance called Lecithin that helps to add a natural shine and healthy bounce to the hair follicles.
  • All you need to do is take fenugreek powder and mix it with water to get a thick paste. Apply this paste on the hairs and scalp and leave it for 30-35 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Choose Fenugreek and get soft, shiny lustrous tresses that speak volumes.

If you are looking for readymade Fenugreek powder, then Bio Organic Fenugreek powder can be a great solution for you.

In fact you can also now color your hair with the goodness of fenugreek with 100% Botanical Hair Color from Indus Valley. This color is enriched with rich fenugreek which makes your hair soft and silky even after wash.


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