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This Independence Day Pay A Tribute To Nation with Truly Indian Herbs in Your Beauty Routine

It’s again the times of saluting the unsung heroes of the Indian freedom fighters, of singing the glory and joy of India’s independence and most importantly, of ushering in the feeling of patriotism on the eve of India’s Independence Day. With the Independence Day celebrations knocking at the door, this year why not feel all the more patriotic in an exclusive way like never before? Wondering about the exact way feel patriotic like never before? Are you confused as to how to go about celebrating the 15th of August in a unique way? This year, do away with foreign cosmetics and hair colors as you go in for the amazingly effective Indian herbs as your natural hair care products.

Revive the spirit of patriotism with Indian organic hair care herbs that speak for a brilliant revival of the ancient Ayurveda and that of the traditional herbal treatments that worked wonders since time immemorial. This is something that as Indians we can choose to do as we go in for the age old ways of the rich tradition of Indian Ayurveda with the exclusively Indian herbs as your natural hair care products.

In the present times of high fashion consciousness, we tend to celebrate the things that are western and we have harboured this misconception that International brands of cosmetics, hair care products and hair colours work best. There is a certain aura that we get attracted to when it is about the foreign brand of cosmetics. Well, who can deny this? It is high time that we do away with such misconceptions as we choose to celebrate the spirit of independence with Indian organic hair care products this year on Independence Day. Let this tradition of using strictly Indian natural hair care products become a habit which shall make us feel proud to belong to the country that has a rich tradition of magical Ayurveda, herbal sciences of untold mysticism to its credit.

Reasons Why You Need To Do Away With Foreign Brands Of Hair Care Products

  • Unnecessary usage of Harmful Chemicals :- Foreign brand of cosmetics and hair care products happen to be high on chemical content that can lead to damaging effects to be precise. Yes, this aspect goes majorly ignored in the drive to wear that perfect shade of hair colour or using that expensive brand of hair care product. Well, organic range of hair care products that are exclusively ‘Indian’ in essence like henna, Indigo henna dye contains certified herbs, plant extracts and essential oils that help add colour to the tresses naturally without the use of any kind of chemicals or synthetics to be precise. Being completely herbal in nature, the natural hair dyes come with a host of additional benefits to be precise. The beneficial excellence of its components, help do away with related hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp etc. which works as a major advantage. Such is the magical results of Indian Ayurveda and the herbal treatments that organic hair colours provide for much more than a mere hair colouring experience. Here’s why we ask you to say goodbye to foreign brands of hair colours and cosmetics and opt for the natural hair care products this year in celebration of the spirit of India’s independence.
  • Colour Safe, Colour Natural With Indigo Dye Of Indian Origin:- As per the historical records, Indigo has been a natural dye that is extracted from the leaves of Indigo plants. This process happens to hold an important place in history as indigo was economically significant since blue dyes happened to be extremely rare in the ancient times.Indigo has been an important product in terms of trade and owing to its high value over the centuries, Indigo was referred to as blue gold. It was during the British Raj in India that the peasants in Bengal had reacted against the unjust treatment by the East India Company traders or planters regarding the cultivation of Indigo which is known by the famous Indigo Revolt of 1859. Indigo leaves are known to contain a natural blue tint and therefore the Indigo powder is instrumental in coloring the tresses with this blue shade when applied. Indigo helps you to match up to the ongoing funky fashion trends of blue tresses and in addition, this Indigo henna dye can get you a variety of hues when it gets combined with varying proportions of Henna powder. Further you can experiment with a brilliant range of shades like different tints of brown, mahogany or black cherry or be it indigo black hair with particular combinations of Indigo and henna powders.

Different Reasons Why We Should Do Away With International Hair Colour Products:- 

International Hair Colours Vs Indigo Hair Dye

Natural Indigo Leaf Powder

Indigo thus finds a special mention among the best hair care products that are ‘Indian’ as you add a funky range of different shades to your tresses with this Indian organic dye this Independence Day. Here’s why this Indigo henna dye makes for an excellent choice:

Composition Of The Different Hair Dyes:

  • The chemical hair dyes consist of Ppd, Ammonia, heavy metals, synthetic colours, fertilisers and pesticides to get the chemical concentration that helps to colour the hair shafts.
  • Natural hair color dye like indigo black hair dye makes for this 100% Organic in nature hair colour, as it essentially consists of plant extracts unlike the synthetic chemical hair dyes.

How It Colors:

  • Chemical hair dyes contain high concentration of Ammonia and Resorcinol that helps to open up the hair shafts and deposit the colour inside of the hair.
  • Indigo black hair dye contains no added chemicals and thus, helps to deposit the color on the outer surface of the hair and it doesn’t penetrate the hair shafts in comparison.

Usage Of The Dyes:

  • Chemical hair dyes are extremely easy to use and apply.
  • The application of the Natural hair color dye can be an extremely tedious task but the amazing results that it yields, make it worth it in the end.

Allergies And Side Effects:

  • Chemical hair dyes are known to cause severe allergic reactions and side effects in some cases. The primary symptoms include itching, redness, swelling around eyes or eyelids to be precise. The use of chemical dyes in the long run might lead to damaging effects like baldness, excessive hair loss and damaged and dull hairs.
  • The organic range of hair colors are clinically tested to be 100% safe that has no side effects and doesn’t cause any kind of skin allergies being a completely herbal product.

Recommended For:

  • Chemical hair dyes come in a range of colours that are recommended either for men or women depending on the product.
  • Natural hair colour dye happens to be recommended for both men and women.
  • Exceptional Indian Herbs For The Complete Care Of The Tresses

India being the land of knowledge, of Ayurveda and of mystical herbal medicine, soar high in the spirit of patriotism as you choose to pamper your tresses with exclusive made in India organic hair care products. While mentioning about the natural hair care products we also highlight upon the easy ways to use it to witness for yourself the magic of Indian herbs, plant extracts that have always worked magic in terms of hair care right from that of the traditional times.


  • Reetha or soapnut makes for this exclusive made in india hair care product that makes for the best of organic hair care products. Being rich in Vitamins A, B, E and K, Reetha works magic for the hairs. It stimulates hair growth, reduces hair fall and adds an instant shine to the hairs like never before.
  • Take substantial amount of Reethapowderas per your hair length and mix it with water till you get a paste.
  • Gently massage the scalp and the hair roots with this amazing paste following one particular movement, for it enhances hair growth.
  • Remember to apply it evenly till the end of the hairs including the hair length.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat it twice a week to get softer, smoother tresses of amazing shine in the most natural manner.


  • Brahmi is this herb that has been a core ingredient in Indian Ayurveda and is known to work absolute wonders for it comes with medicinal properties that come with a plethora of benefits. With its medicinal value, Brahmi can actually do wonders to the hair with its benefits. From reducing breakage to catering to a number of scalp issues, Brahmi talks of the ultimate solution as to how to control hair fall and it can get you gorgeous tresses in an absolutely natural manner while making to the natural hair care products that talks of Indian herbal treatments of ancient Ayurveda.
  • Take substantial amount of Brahmi powderas per your hair length and mix it with water till you get a paste.
  • Gently massage the scalp and the hairs with this Brahmi paste following one particular movement.
  • Remember to apply it evenly till the end of the hairs including the hair length.
  • Leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.
  • Repeat it twice a week to get healthier, shinier and stronger hairs naturally.


  • From preventing pre-mature greying of the strands to providing all round nutrition to the scalp, this amazing herb makes for an effective remedy to combat hair loss in the most natural manner.Bhringraj is another herb among the best of Indian organic hair care products that has been important in hair treatments right from the times of Indian Ayurveda and herbal sciences.
  • Take substantial amount of Bhringrajpowderas per your hair length and mix it with water till you get a paste.
  • Gently massage the scalp and the hair roots with this amazing paste following one particular movement, for it enhances hair growth.
  • Remember to apply it evenly till the end of the hairs including the hair length.
  • Leave it for an hour.
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.
  • Repeat it twice a week as Bhringraj comes as the best answer in context of getting fuller, thicker and stronger tresses of excellent shine and volume.


  • Shikakai happened to be a core ingredient since the times of Indian Ayurveda to treat a number of scalp and hair related issues in an absolutely natural manner. With medicinal qualities to its credit, this completely natural herb can actually work wonders in terms of hair care. The age old essence comes as a blessing of a product that can naturally enhance the health and texture of the hairs. The Shikakai powder that helps cater to the different hair related needs talks of a brilliant revival of ancient Ayurveda with that of modern demands. From conditioning benefits to that of vitalising the hairs, Shikakai can work absolute wonders for the hairs that helps promote hair growth in a natural manner. For the all round nutrition and nourishment of the hairs, opt for this excellent herb that comes with innumerable benefits and undoubtedly makes it among the best of Indian natural hair care products.
  • Take around 2 table spoons of Shikakai powder and mix it with water till you get a fine paste.
  • Apply the mixture oil onto your scalp and hair roots along the length of the hairs.
  • Remember to apply it evenly till the end of the hairs including the hair length.
  • Leave it for 40-50 minutes.
  • Once done, wash it off thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this process twice to thrice a week for this excellent hair pack is known to provide for an array of conditioning benefits.

This Independence Day choose to invest in the spirit of patriotism as you go in for the natural hair care products that talks of the brilliant revival of Indian Ayurveda of traditional norms, of individuality and of Indian essence.

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