This Magical Herb Can Help You To Color Hair And Condition Your Scalp Naturally

This Lesser Known Herb Can Color Your Hair And Condition Your Scalp Naturally

We all are in love with hair colors and experimenting with a new shade not only adds to our fashion statement but gives a great makeover. But in this process of using several hair colors, we often forget that we make our hair prone to dangerous chemicals and other threatening side-effects.

madder roots
madder for hair care

Have you ever thought of giving a try to a natural agent for coloring your hair? We all are quite aware of the henna herb which is a common ingredient for hair coloring, but apart from henna there are several other herbs which we can put to use for a rich color on your hair.

madder for hair dye
madder for dyeing

Madder commonly known as Manjistha, is a great herb that can be used to dye your hair without any addition of chemicals. Very few of us know that This Amazing Natural gem can be used for coloring purposes. The best part of coloring with madder is that it not only colors your hair but also suffices for several other benefits of the hair.

Now, you might be curious enough to know how madder or manjistha can help you in coloring or the color it gives to your hair.

madder for red hair
madder for red hair

So, madder roots are usually known to provide the hair a great red shade. In case you are craving for shining, glossy signature red shade in your hair, then nothing can be a better option than madder.

However a mixture of madder with other natural herbs like Henna or Indigo can give you several other shades to flaunt your hair.

Why Should You Replace Your Hair Color by Madder?

Well, apart from giving your hair a natural color, madder also has a range of other properties that will make you surely use it as a hair color option for sure.

great hair

  • Conditions Your Hair: The herb madder is also used as a perfect conditioner for hair with its conditioning properties.
  • Essential nourishment to hair: Madder is an extremely essential herb which provides essential nourishment to the scalp with its nutritional properties.
  • Protects Hair from issues like dandruff: Madder is enriched with antimicrobial properties that help the scalp to fight dandruff.
  • The Best Way to Color Your Hair: This can be used as a natural hair dye for coloring your hair as it does not contain any sort of synthetic fertilizers or chemicals.

Though madder may not be available in its original form however for an alternative you may definitely try a hair color that contains the same. Indus Valley Botanical Hair Color is a 100% natural hair dye that contains madder roots.


Available in 12 shades, Botanical Hair Color helps you to dye your hair in any shade you desire.

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