This Wonder Herb is The Perfect Natural Conditioner For Your Hair

We often shampoo our hair for a silky, smooth hair finish. To keep it tangle free and smooth, we often resort to chemical conditioners. But very less do we know in the process we make ourselves susceptible to allergies and other hair related issues.

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Chemical conditioners often react with the sweat accumulating on the scalp and leads to itchy scalp conditions, hairfall and even worse situations like seborrhea dermatitis.

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There is nothing better than to use natural ingredients for resolving these problems. No body likes to have those dirty messy hair that are not easy to manage. A natural ingredient that can come to your rescue of hair problems is shikakai. Shikakai is a fruit that has been used since ages to get rid of hair problems and even now it is used by people who love to treat their hair naturally. Shikakai is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, A , K and D.


What all you get from Shikakai:

  • Gives you those long hair and increases your hair growth.
  • Shikakai Conditions your hair and give them the amount of smoothness they need.

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  • This herb is used as a shampoo by people as this cleanses your hair and scalp very effectively.
  • Gives the goodness of vitamin C, D, K, and A.


  • Cleanses You scalp and hair and make them healthy.
  • Prevent the premature greying of your hair.

The Best Conditioning Partner For Hair: Shikakai Powder

If you want to treat your hair naturally because you are one of those who believe that chemical products may harm your hair and skin Indus Valley is your option. Indus valley shikakai powder is free from chemicals and is completely natural. Freshly made from shikakai roots, this powder gives your hair all essential nutrition you require.

Why Is It Safe and Recommended to Use Bio Organic Shikakai Powder?

Bio Organic shikakai powder gives your hair all nourishment without any sort of damage. It’s microfine texture and natural form makes it super user-friendly to be used with any hair mask.

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What all can be made out of this shikakai powder:

Use it as a shampoo:

  • Take your shikakai and soak it for the whole night.
  • Take them the next day and boil them in the same water until they become soft.
  • Let it try and mash them.
  • Strain all the liquid into a bottle and use it as a shampoo.

Use it as a hair pack:

  • For dry hair mix your shikakai powder with yogurt.
  • Massage it on your head and apply all over your hair.
  • Let it stay for 20 minutes and than wash it off.
  • For oily hair mix shikakai pwder with amla powder and green gram powder.
  • Mix the above mixture with an egg.
  • Apply it as a shampoo to your hair and wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes.

Hair pack to remove dandruff:

  • Mix your shikakai powder with neem powder, amla powder and methi powder.
  • Put the mixture in water and boil it for 15 minutes.
  • If any lumps left mash them down and strain the water in a bottle.
  • Give a your scalp an intense massage with this solution.
  • Let it sit for 30 minutes and than rinse it off with cool water.

All you get with this is deep nourished, clean, strong, beautiful looking hair that everyone wish to haev and dream of.






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