Three Natural Beauty Tips You Must Follow This Summer To Avoid Tanning

The summers have set in and the hot and scorching sun has become the unavoidable presence in your life. With the starting of summers, a chain of problems begin especially for the skin and hair. Sun tanning has been a common problem for one and all of us. Especially for women who need to go out in the sun everyday has to follow a set of precautions so that they do not face further tanning issues. Aren’t we all always in search of products that can give instant fairness and a soft, supple, glowing skin even in the extreme heat of summers?

summer beauty tips
natural beauty tips

So for all of you who have been brainstorming for a perfect beauty routine this summer here’s a list of some easy and pocket-friendly summer beauty tips which would benefit your skin in the healthiest way.

Always Wash Your Face After Coming Back From The Sun


face washes for summer
summer face washes

It is essential that before you go out in the sun, you wash your face properly. The dirt and germs penetrate the skin pores and if not washed properly. Have you noticed the sudden dullness or wheatish look that often comes up after you are back from the sun. Well, it is entirely because of the accumulated germs on your face and skin.

face wash for summer
summer face scrub

You can use the Shea Butter Fruit Scrub that would help your skin to wash off the dirt right from its internal pores and also help to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with its hydrating properties.

Always Use A Light Gel Cream For Avoiding The Dryness In Your Face

A Gel base cream is best for providing you a natural, glowing look during the summers, the reason is definitely because of the fact, unlike the other oil-based creams, gel creams go right into the finest pores of your face, seeps in gradually and finally gives a refreshing look. Oil based creams usually give you a greasy appearance making your face look more dull during summers.


Beautiful Model Applying Cosmetic Cream Treatmen On Her Face

You can try the Indus Valley Bio Organic Aloevera Gel for the purpose. This light weight cream keeps your face hydrated and keeps it moisturized throughout the day.

creams for summer by Indus Valley
creams for summer by Indus Valley

You can also try the Indus Valley Cow Yoghurt and Honey Brightening Depigmentation Gel that would seep into your skin and provide you a refreshing look, clearing the tan and dark hues of the skin. Enriched with cow yoghurt that cleans the skin and honey that gives a natural glow, this is a must product in your natural beauty tips for summer.

summer cream for non-oily skin
best summer creams by Indus Valley

Try To Use A Face Mask At Least Twice A Week

Although regular skin care is enough to keep your skin protected during the summers, however using a face mask is also recommended. Try to avoid chemical based face masks usually available in the market and switch over to products which are natural and herbal. Using multani mitti and sandalwood powder can prove to be great if you are looking for summer face packs. You can try the Indus Valley BIO Organic Multani Mitti for a natural summer Ubtaan and also Indus Valley Sandalwood Face Pack for a better and more promising glow in the face.

best natural face packs for summer
summer face pace packs

Taking care of your face with these simple summer skin care tips will help you beat all summers with a happy smile.

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