Hand Sanitizer

We Are Giving Free Hand Sanitizer With Every Purchase

To fight the epidemic of the Covid-19 overspreading around, Indus Valley Cosmeceuticals started manufacturing the sanitizer along with the manufacturing of Personal Care products to meet the shortage of Sanitizer in country. Indus Valley is giving away Free Sanitizer Bottle on every shop with the brand. Also, providing the other germ-protected products as Face masks, Hand Gloves on purchase with Indus Valley Cosmeceuticals that help you stay protected from the coronavirus overspreading around.

Your beauty or skin is the most precious gift you carries with yourself, Indus Valley deals with only the natural and Organic products, beautifies your natural beauty and supports chemical-free products that are harmless to your skin. Indus Valley Cosmeceuticals has a wide range of beauty care products improvised for your skincare, hair care and for natural beauty enhancement.

Sanitizer is one of the crucial things to use nowadays along with a combination of masks and hand wash. Sanitizer is the best germ or virus protecting that will save you from germs anytime anywhere.

The type of Sanitizer you should opt for: 

  • Alcohol-based Sanitizer is the anytime anywhere germ protection that kills 99.9% germs immediately if comes in contact with your skin.
  • Sanitizers consist of natural skin nourishing ingredients are best to prefer as they will cause no after dryness to the skin.
  • Health authorities across the world have considered that sanitizer with 60-75% alcohol is skin safe and effectively kill germs, further stop the growth of germs.

Indus Valley Sanitz, is the best ever skin-safe water-free, rinse-free hand cleaner provides 99.9% sanitization, it is made of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol that manages to kill 99.9% germs and stop further growth of germs. This adequate quantity of Alcohol will cause no after dryness to the skin and this sanitizer assembles of natural ingredients as Rosewater and Reetha that moisturizes skin keeping the skin soft. Neem, rich antibacterial herb present in Sanitz that naturally fights with germs, bacteria and Coronavirus spreading around.

When to use Sanitizer:

  • Use it after touching any surface or thing that may carry germs.
  • Rub it after coming in contact with any person who may be infected that you may not aware of.
  • Use sanitizer in exchange for currency or goods.
  • Must use if restaurants, offices, marketing, at home, industrial or medical purposes.

Great Contribution of Indus Valley to go hand-in-hand to guard people against this epidemic.

Indus Valley Cosmeceuticals started manufacturing the skin-safe, alcohol-based Hand sanitizer along with the manufacturing of natural, Organic beauty care products to cover the shortage of sanitizer in a country. The company has taken applauding initiative to give away free sanitizer with every purchase from the brand. This will helps you get beautiful skin/ hair along with the good health, keep you healthy and disease-free.

What harm can high concentrated alcohol-based or non-alcohol based sanitizer can do to you:

  • If you use non-alcohol based sanitizer, it will not prevent you from germs or virus, only alcohol can kill germ, bacteria
  • Alcohol-based Sanitizers with the concentration of more than 90% can cause serious harm to skin and health, it will cause dryness to the skin, further cause cracks in the skin that make the virus or germs enters your body through the crack.

So, use only and only the adequate amount concentrate Alcohol-based Sanitizer that kills germs and is skin-safe cause no after dryness to the skin.

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