What Should Be The Perfect Haircare Routine For Long, Healthy Hair?

Long and healthy hair is something that every girl dreams of possessing. Though this might sound to be a very easy beauty wish, however very few can actually achieve long, flawless hair without any drawbacks. Having healthy and long hair increases the self-confidence of a person. But as the proverb says “Success is not a smooth bed of roses”, you need to be a bit smarter in planning your beauty routine.

To maintain or to have healthy long hair you need to follow a hair care routine. Some may take a routine as a challenge. But! No, it is not that tough to have a routine and follow it. Your hairs are also like your face that needs the care to be healthy and look good. We know nowadays nobody gets time to follow a routine that includes home based remedies. To step ahead of this problem you can use readymade organic products and make your hair healthy.

Long Shiny Hair

Having long healthy hair is a dream? Go follow a daily healthy hair care routine:

  • Due to the pollution and dust, our hair gets damaged and the dirt clogs the pores of your scalp which makes the scalp itchy and cause dandruff. For having healthy hair you need to keep them clean. And for that, you need to wash your hair regularly. Wash your hair with care for that you should use organic shampoo so that you not only clean your hair but give them the nourishment without causing any damage. For option, you can use Indus Valley daily gentle shampoo. As this will not be harsh on your scalp and hair. It is free from SLES and Paraben which makes it best for use as it will not damage your health or hair in the long run. This will remove all the traces of dirt and oil from your hair gently.


  • The harshness of the polluted environment makes your hair dry and frizzy which don’t give your hair a pleasant look. So to get rid of this frizziness and dry hair you should apply a hair mask after washing your hair it will give your hair the nourishment and make them silky smooth. For having perfect smooth textured hair a hair mask is must and a great option for you is Indus valley Hair ultima spa. It deep nourishes your hair and strengthens them. It brings the smoothness in your hair and restores the health of them. Let it sit on your hair for half an hour and after that wash it off.

hair spa creme....

  • Because of some reasons when you are not able to take care of your hair. Your hair loses its shine from inside. So what you need to do is after drying up your hair move your hairbrush through your hair to detangle them and apply a serum to your hair to make them frizz free and give them a little shine. This shine makes your hair look healthy. Indus valley hair care oil can be used as a serum for your hair. It will add shine to your hair and this oil also contains strengthening proteins that will strengthen your hair follicles.


  • You want to have a better hair growth and to have the thickness in your hair for that oiling is the most important part of the routine. Last but not the least what you need to do is at night before you sleep apply oil to your hair and scalp and massage it well this last step will ensure your hair growth and also give your hair the nutrition required. Indus valley grow out oil is the best option to complete your last action for this hair care routine. As it is mainly known for giving your hair a growth and nourishing them. It will give you fuller, thicker and healthier hair.

Do all these mentioned steps for a week and you will be able to notice the change and the health of your hair. A properly followed good hair care routine can work wonders for your hair.

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