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Why are Fashionistas Switching Over to This Organic Hair Colouring Routine This Festive Season?

Festivities require that perfect look to celebrate it. And nothing completes a festive look like a perfectly coloured hairdo. Read on if you are allergic to chemical hair dyes.

Did you know that fashionistas around the world are abandoning chemical hair colours, and switching over to organic and natural hair colours this festive season? Primarily because, while chemical hair colours bring along loads of side effects like hair damage, scalp irritations, hair fall, reduced hair growth and increased rate of hair greying, natural and organic hair colours not just repair hair damages, but also reverse hair greying in some cases.

What is a natural hair colour?

Henna, primarily, when applied to hair turns them an orangish-red, which keeps getting darker for a day or two. But when some other herbs are added to it, you can get multiple shades of brown—dark, medium and light and also other attractive shades. These other hair colouring herbs are indigo, amla, coffee, fenugreek, manjistha, chamomile, and more. Being all natural, they not just colour hair but also repair hair damages promoting hair growth.

A natural hair colour is a mix of such hair colouring herbs to give you lovely hair colouration and optimum hair care.

A well-made organic hair colour can colour up your hair in just 40 minutes, lasting for up to as long as a month and a half. Surprised?

What are the active colouring herbs in organic hair colours?

Indus Valley offers its Hypoallergenic Aqua Colour which is abotanical and a natural hair colour. It colours hair with four colouring and conditioning herbs:

Henna Leaf Powder: Derived from the leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis), it provides a brown-red stain to hair when first applied, darkens with days and lasts for several weeks. Henna can colour your hair naturally, without causing any hair damage. Apart from colouring hair, it maintains scalp health, softens hair, curbs hair fall and boosts hair growth.

Indigo Leaf Powder: Indigo is a natural blue dye derived from the leaves of the plant Indigofera tinctoria. When used along with henna it colours hair with darker shades like brown, auburn and black. It also promotes hair growth and conditioning.

Manjistha Root Powder: The plant, also called Rubia cordifolia scientifically and Indian Madder, offers a bright pink colour to hair when its roots are crushed into a powder form and applied to hair. Along with hair colouring, it also conditions and enhances the natural shine of hair. When combined with henna and indigo, it offers brighter colours like burgundy.

Chamomile Flower Powder: This yellow coloured flower from the plant called Chamomilla matricaria colours hair in attractive golden hues. When mixed with henna, indigo and manjistha, it adds glossy highlights to the sides while colouring hair in lighter shades like blonde, etc.

These four colouring herbs, together with the other four hair treatment herbs—Senna (Cassia auriculata), Amla (Phyllanthus emblica), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) repair hair and scalp damages, condition and hydrate hair, detox and deep clean hair and scalp to give you naturally voluminous and glossy hair.

What are the benefits of organic hair colour?

The word ‘organic’ here refers to herbs and plants that are grown without any man-made chemicals whatsoever like pesticides and fertilizers, processed without any chemicals like hexanes and bisphenol A and packed without any man-made preservatives, colourants and fragrances. Organic hair colour benefits in multiple ways:

  1. Covers grey hair without any side effects

Being free from ammonia, parabens, PPD, sulphates and other chemicals, which cause irreparable damage to hair, natural and organic hair colours colour the greys without causing any side effects.

  • Promotes scalp health and conditions hair

Being made up of all-natural plant materials, it offers nutrients to the scalp and strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles from their roots. It also cools the scalp and soothes itching and infection. When applied to the scalp, it normalizes body heat and acts as a relaxant.

  • Treats hair issues and makes hair thick and lustrous

It addresses issues like hair fall, breakage, split-ends, itching, irritation, dryness and dandruff naturally. It makes hair lustrous and voluminous.

  • Naturally detangles frizzy and curly hair

Amla and the other herbs work quickly to detangle the curly and frizzy hair. Thus, a natural hair colour will make your hair smooth and manageable as well.

  • Suitable for all hair types

Being completely made up of vegetables only, it suits all hair and skin types, even the hypoallergenic type.

How are Indus Valley’s natural hair colours better?

  • Sourced from organic gardens and farms.
  • 100% natural and free from all chemicals whatsoever.
  • Triple-sifted and microfine powder enables mixing into lump-free pastes quickly.
  • Recommended by Doctors and Dermatologists.

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