Why is This Ammonia-Free Hair Dye Highly Recommended?

Why is this ammonia-free hair dye highly recommended?

If you have a head full of hair, then you must have also fantasized about giving it exciting hues once in a while. After all, with just a few touch-ups here and there you could change your entire personality. You could make your hair look as if they are burning from their edges, or anything else. But what about their deadly side effects? In this episode of ‘Beautiful Naturally’, Saumya Tandon discusses ammonia-free hair dyes with Faby, a well-known social media beauty influencer, and with Dr. Ameesha Mahajan, a well-known Dermatologist, on how you can get stunning hair colouration, safely at home, without facing any potentially deadly side effects.

Fun & Facts—The Discussion Continues

Saumya indulges Faby to begin the discussion and they touch upon a range of topics. Right from her childhood memories to whom she likes to follow in social media today. Faby unravels it all, giving enough exciting tidbits to her fans. She also reveals about this very unique chemical-free hair colour that was made up of all-natural ingredients she could easily find in her own kitchen.

Which Product is This? Find Out From The Episode.

Then Dr. Ameesha Mahajan joins in the conversation and invigorates the audience with some hard facts on chemical-based hair dyes and how they cause severe damages to our hair and scalp. She also enlightens the audience as to why they should switch over to an organically natural damage-free hair colour.

How Does an Organically Natural Hair Colour Benefit Your Hair?

We all know that chemicals are bad for us, but do we know how bad and dangerous the after-effects of chemical-based hair dyes can really be? In order to bring about stunning hair colouration, all the big and well-known brands are putting lots of chemicals in their hair colours. And their formula for colouration is simple. Remove the natural colour from the hair strands first, and then impregnate it with the new colour, thereby, bringing about permanent and irreversible physical changes in hair from the inside out. A chemical-free hair dye, on the other hand, only puts a layer of colour coating on the outer walls of hair strands, thereby causing no damage at all.

The generic hair dyes, with repeat usage, slowly destroy the natural lustre and look, making hair permanently discoloured, frizzy, dry and damaged with increased hair thinning and fall. The damage occurs at two levels—hair roots and hair shafts. And primarily two ingredients are responsible for it—Ammonia and Bleach (Hydrogen Peroxide). Know all about it straight from the horse’s mouth by watching Dr. Mahajan lucidly open up many closely guarded secrets of the big hair colour brands.

Watch the complete video here.

4 advantages of Indus Valley’s damage-free hair colour over chemical hair colour

In this episode, the advantages of Indus Valley’s Gel Hair Colours (ammonia-free hair colours and hydrogen peroxide-free hair colours) over chemical based generic hair colours are also discussed. Dr. Mahajan and Faby point out the following in favour of this gel based vegan hair colour:

  1. Does not irritate the eyes nor has the pungent smell of ammonia. Instead, it carries a tangy orange aroma that makes the hair colouring experience very pleasant.
  2. It contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Amla, Henna, Fenugreek, Brahmi, etc., which are easily available in our kitchens, so very healthy.
  3. Makes the colouring process simple, quick and effective as it only takes around 30 minutes to get rich colours along with complete grey hair coverage.
  4. A non-drippy and cruelty-free hair colour that gives salon-like vibrant colours at home only without any side effects.

The show ends with attractive prizes to be won by participating in a simple contest. Leave your additional insights as comments below and join in this exciting conversation.

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