Sweet Almond Oil

Winter Care Beauty Tips: Top 5 Skin and Hair Benefits OF Almond Oil

Everything about winter is good except for the dryness and roughness of skin and hair it brings with it. If only the sunny afternoon tea breaks could be enjoyed without the cracked and bleeding lips, dry cheeks and brittle hair that easily break away. If only all the skincare and haircare routines that we have to hurriedly get into during the season could be simply done away with. A few shortcuts, hence, to a glowing skin and hair would be really worth the while, don’t you think? Almond Oil for face and sweet Almond Oil for hair comes out as a potent answer for all such beauty woes. Enriched with nutrients, non-greasy and light-weight, Almond Oil is good not just for the skin and hair, but also for the body. And what more, it is also great for baby massages.

Almond Oil and its types:

Almond Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin A, E and essential fatty acids. When extracted through natural processes—cold-pressed extraction of fresh, organically grown almonds, it turns out to be a light-weight and non-greasy body massage oil. The two types of Almond Oils presently available in the market are:

1) Sweet Almond Oil: Derived from the Almond tree that doesn’t contain any poisonous chemicals, sweet Almond Oil is really beneficial for skincare, thus, widely used in derma care products.
2) Bitter Almond Oil: Derived from a different kind of Almond tree, bitter Almond Oil can be toxic and is generally used for medicinal purposes.

The top 5 benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for face and hair

1) A natural skin moisturiser and cleanser

Enriched with vitamins A, B, D and E, sweet Almond Oil is a natural skin moisturiser and cleanser. Its exfoliating properties also unclog the pores to remove all the dirt and impurities, keeping your face free from acne and pimples.

When sebum, the natural oil produced in our skin for protection, starts getting produced in excess, it starts trapping dirt and pollutants. Almond Oil, being extremely light and non-greasy, gets easily absorbed by the skin and starts regulating the production of sebum. Almond Oil cleanses and moisturises the skin to keep it fresh and hydrated.

2) Removes fine lines and wrinkles

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that regulates the production of collagen and improves skin elasticity. By replenishing the dead skin cells, it removes the ageing signs like fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles, to keep your skin youthful and plump.

3) Lightens acne, scars, and marks

Vitamin A and Zinc help in the removing scars and marks left after acne, pregnancy and injuries. Almond Oil also effectively works on acne by regulating sebum production, removing the dead skin cells, dirt and pollution thereby opening up the pores. Its antibacterial properties heal acne, dermatitis, and eczema from deep within.

4) Repairs damaged hair and promotes hair growth

Enriched with nutrients, fatty acids and vitamins, Almond Oil nourishes the scalp and removes dead cells. Its antibacterial properties also remove dandruff and improve hair texture. Also, the nutrients present in Almond Oil, condition and repair damaged hair from root to tip strengthening and softening them up.

Sweet Almond Oil for hair triggers the growth of new and thick hair with its rich Biotin content. Healthy doses of Biotin on the scalp promote the growth of new hair and improve hair thickness and texture.

5) Best for baby massages

Sweet Almond Oil for face is also best for use as a baby body massage oil. Enriched with vitamins A, B, D and E, if extracted through natural processes without using Bisphenol A and Hexane, it strengthens the bones and muscles of the baby, while imparting all its other skin and hair care benefits.

Indus Valley’s Sweet Almond Oil for hair and face is a naturally extracted oil that is extracted without using Bisphenol A or Hexane from organically grown Almonds. It has received rave reviews from its users and comes as highly recommended for the winters.

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