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Spott Capsule Hair Color Blonde 7.0 (6 Applications Kit)

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Quick Overview

  • First ever capsule hair color.
  • Economical and user-friendly hair color
  • Gives a blonde shade to the hair.
  • Free from chemicals and toxins.
  • Specific for smaller locations.

Quantity :
  • 6 Pre-measure Capsules, 6x250mg=1.5g,
  • Measuring Cup,
  • Pipette
  • Applicator Brush
  • 1 Pair of Gloves

Spott hair color is a specific hair color for particular locations like goatty, root touch-ups, sideburns and hairline. It gives a shining look to the beard and mustache. Spott color is very quick in the application and can be found to be useful by both men and women. It is one of the best hair colors in the market which imparts shine and smoothness to the hair color. It is best one of the safest hair colors for coloring of hair colors.

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Spott hair color is a natural hair color which comes in the shape of a small-sized capsule. One can expect to color smaller sections like goatty, root touch-ups, sideburns and hairline and many more. One of the major aspects of the spott color is that it has an easy application. It covers grey areas and is safe in an application and the most reliable hair color in the market. Spott hair color gives luster to the hair which is remarkable. Each pack consists of a group of 6 capsules and each capsule is equally concentrated and effective. The color which one capsule gives stays for around 6 weeks.

Spott color is one of the best hair colors in the market for covering smaller areas. It may be regarded as the hair color in the market that can help an individual to get a shining look of the beard and mustache. Spott hair color comes in the form of a small-sized capsule. It is a small pack consisting of 6 capsules and each capsule is quite sufficient in itself to impart a natural hair color. Spott hair color is free from ammonia and ppd and is thus a safe hair color. This capsule sized hair color covers the specific grey areas and the color stays for around 6 weeks. This hair color gives a unique shine and luster to the hair. Even the spott hair color is a highly trusted product which is used by many people.

How to use:

Product preparation: First, wear gloves. Then, twist the capsule and put it in the measuring cup (Given in the kit). And, add 2.5 ml water in the cup with help of pipette (Available in the kit).
Applying cleanser: Use a cotton bud and soak it in the cleanser. Then, apply the cotton dipped cleanser to the desired coloring area to make it ready for coloring.
Applying to the hair: After the cleansing part, rinse the cleansed area with water to remove all the traces of cleanser and pat it dry. Then, apply the hair color gently to the hair with a special brush.
Developing the hair color: Leave the hair color for around 15-30 minutes and keep it long for a darker color. This allows the hair color to stay there for proper development.
Protecting and rinsing the color: Now, it’s time to use the cleanser to remove the color. Use a cotton pad to rinse the cleaned area to remove all traces of hair color and pat it dry.

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