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Couple Hygiene Kit

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  • Indus Valley Couple Travel Kit for two people, a pack of 2 face masks, 4 surgical hand gloves and 4 disposable hand gloves.
  • 4X Surgical hand Gloves, smooth latex made hand gloves, powder-free, protects the skin from touching the surface carrying germs/bacteria.
  • 2X Disposable Face Mask, with soft elastic loops, comfortable on the ear, provide full coverage to face and nose. The physical barrier protects you from fluid and cross-contamination.
  • 6X Disposable Hand Gloves, are made of PVC, latex-free gloves. Face masks are made with a latex material, powder-free gloves.
  • 1X Indus Valley Sanitz(250 ml), aloe vera based hand cleaner, Rinse-free, 70% IP Alcohol provides 99.9% Sanitization.

Indus Valley Couple Kit, a Hygiene Pack for two people, pack consists of a Sanitizer bottle, Disposable face masks, Surgical Hand Gloves and Disposable Hand gloves. Indus Valley Sanitz assembles of adequate quantity of Isopropyl Alcohol, keeps your skin safe killing 99.9% germs and further infuses of Rosewater, Neem, Reetha and Aloe vera to moisturize your skin maintaining the soft-touch. Indus Valley Disposable Face Masks, a physical barrier preventing you from contamination and fluid of an infected person, maintaining your hygiene and health. Indus Valley Disposable Hand Gloves, use and throw hand gloves, protects the skin from dirt and germs, widely used for cooking, plantation, animal feeding and many other purposes. Indus Valley Surgical Hand Gloves, smooth latex made thick and tear-free hand gloves, used for medications, food supply, industrial purpose and many other purposes. Hand gloves protect your skin from the surface that may carry germs/bacteria.

  • A complete Hygiene travel kit for couples or two people to keep you germ-free thus healthy and disease-free.
  • Hand gloves to avoid the skin from touching an infected person or any germs carrying surface or thing.
  • Sanitizer to kills germs if touches your skin, provides you complete protection maintaining your hygiene.
  • Face Mask, always wear to avoid the saliva or germs to enter your mouth as it covers your nose and mouth completely.

How to use:

Cleanse your hand with a Sanitz, Take few drops of Sanitz to your palm and rub gently all over your hands, on palm, wrist, back of your hands and between the fingers. Then with clean hands, wear a mask on face and gloves on hands. After coming from outside exposure, do not touch face masks with your hands and if did so, immediately cleanse hands with Sanitizer.

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    Indus Valley Couple Travel Kit for two people, a pack of

    • 2 face masks
    • 4 surgical hand gloves
    • 4 disposable hand gloves
    • 1X Indus Valley Sanitz(250 ml
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